If I’m brutally honest, I thought long and hard before deciding to write this blog. Finding a new favourite drinking spot in London – like the tiny but cosy Little Nan’s Bar in Deptford Broadway – makes you want to hide all details away in your black book, never to see the light of day. Of course, there’s always the other alternative: to lie through your teeth about how bad it is to put people off going. I can’t in all good conscience do that, so maybe I’ll just be a little…selective about my reasons for why you should make this your first drinking stop.

So, where shall I start?

I could tell you how its wonderfully eccentric interior is the epitome of all that The Cosy Traveller stands for: like your gran’s tiny front room, with lampshades, mis-matched armchairs and cosy rugs just waiting for someone to curl up asleep on.

I could tell you about its quirky décor, from exposed brickwork to the carpeted ceiling and lively wallpaper.

I could tell you about the fact that all cocktails are served in teapots and teacups, for a cute, vintage feel.

Knick-knacks abound in this Deptford Broadway gem. (Photo by Gearoid Hayes)

I could tell you about the fact the owners provide you with takeaway menus to allow you to order in your own food.

I could tell you about the fact you can buy your own scotch eggs and pork pies if you’re feeling a bit peckish.

However, I probably shouldn’t tell you that you can also buy your own sweets, such as Haribos and Love Hearts.

Truth. My nan’s tea parties are legendary. (Photo by Leroy Charles Anderson)

I could tell you about the fact they also have beers and ales on stand-by in case you’re not a cocktails guy or gal.

I could even tell you about the Spice Girls and East 17 posters lovingly adorning the toilet’s walls.

Is that…is that…tea I see hidden away on the right?

I could tell you about the fact it’s hidden down a short alleyway on Deptford Broadway, one you have to be on the lookout for or else you’ll just walk straight past it.

I could tell you that the space is available to be rented out for parties and intimate events – and they’ll even name a cocktail after you for the night.

This teapot was made for me. (Photo by Plainview Media and Matthew Lumb)

I could tell you about all the wonderful special events they put on, including cream tea cocktail parties and charity fundraisers.

I could tell you that the Little Nan’s Cocktail bar is due to open in Brockley over the next few weeks…

…and I could even mention that Little Nan’s is deemed so cool, it’s been gifted with its very own theme song.

All of this I probably could mention…or I might just lock all these details up in my little black book.

Little Nan’s Bar may or may not be found at 46 Deptford Broadway, London, SE8 4PH. 

All pictures obtained from Little Nan’s Bar’s Facebook here.
Top image: Credited to Gearoid Hayes.