Do you ever have those kind of months where you’re flicking through photos and you think “Cor, was that only 20-odd days ago?” That pretty much sums up my November. I completely forgot that the first week of November was choc-a-block with the World Travel Market, the Traverse Mingle AND the Travel Massive. (OK, maybe one of those was at the end of October…but don’t ask me which).

Untitled design (8)The World Travel Market was just as crazy as I was expecting, but this year I came organised and actually arranged meetings with several companies. My confidence was also given a boost by going round the stalls with Jodie (i.e. The Little Backpacker) and Jon (Waddup JP) – thanks for letting me tag along, you guys rock!

Best Blog Bits…

My favourite post: Things to do in Athens: Climb the Acropolis at Sunrise (my favourite Athenian trip!)

My most popular post: Learning to Ski With Inghams at Reading’s Skiplex Centre (I am NOT a natural skier…)

And the award for the post which took bloomin’ ages to write goes to: 101 Christmas Gift Ideas For the Traveller in Your Life

Idiotic Moment of the Month

Last Friday a friend and I decided to spend an evening after work perusing the shops of the Southbank Christmas Market. We spent a few hours picking up gifts, stuffing our faces with pizza and bopping along to Christmas music. However, I couldn’t work out why the market looked so different to when I visited it a few years ago.

It wasn’t until I was doing my research the next day that I realised we hadn’t actually been to the Southbank Christmas Market, but another one set up by the Tate Modern…woops.


Blogging Brilliance

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Next Month…

December is my absolute favourite month of the year. I’ve ordered all my Christmas jumpers, brushed the dust off my festive movies and already started feasting on mince pies…

But before I wedge myself into the sofa for a solid week of naff TV and cat cuddles, I have a few trips up my sleeve.  I’ll start the month off with a trip to Bruges’ Christmas Market (here’s hoping I turn up at the right one…). If I’m lucky I may even attempt a visit to the real Southbank market, plus a trip to London’s Winter Wonderland.

Christmas Day will be spent back home in Essex, but I’m yet to make plans for NYE. Anyone fancy whisking me away to a nice, warm country for a few days?

Oh, and talking of nice and warm…keep an eye on the site over the next few days for news of an exciting competition…

Did you have a good November? Let me know in the comments below!