“What’s been going on?” I hear you cry. Ah wait, no, that’s just my microwave pinging to let me know my dinner is ready. Wow, I need more hours in my life. 

It’s been a few weeks since I last posted on this here blog. While I’ve still been active on Twitter and via email, it’s the blogging that I’ve had to take a step back from recently. 

If I’m honest, there’s no dramatic reason why. I’d love to say it was because Ryan Gosling turned up and wanted to take me on a spontaneous month-long trip around the Seychelles, but alas.

As you may have read in my previous round-up post, I’ve actually taken on a new job. It’s a lot of work – which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s made juggling things that little bit harder. And it also involves working on WordPress all day, so you can imagine how coming home to then start working on this blog again isn’t at the top of my priorities during the week!

Over the last few weeks while my boss has been away on holiday (2 weeks around Asia, you lucky thing) I’ve actually been left in charge. Which could have gone terribly bad (lol, jokes if you’re reading this boss). But still, it’s kept me on my toes and I’ve been working more overtime than I know what to do with. It’s cool though. You don’t mind doing it when it’s a job you enjoy. 

Plus, working overtime at the weekends doesn’t feel so bad when you have these gorgeous two to keep you company:


Oh, this is the view from my office. As far as London views go it’s pretty alright, especially when it starts to get dark and the city’s lights start to pop up.

20151001_183535So coupled with this, and the fact I haven’t had a chance to do anything of any interest recently, the blogging has had to take a back seat. It’s not fair to you, the reader, for me to bring you half-assed articles that you really don’t care about. And while I did feel guilty for not sticking to my regular blogging schedule, I knew this little break would only be temporary. After all, I absolutely adore my blogging. But when you’re doing it part-time, you realise that sometimes other things do need to take priority. Otherwise, you just end up completely burnt out, and then you’re no use to anyone.

So what’s happening in the new few weeks?

So, that’s what’s been going on. Now…what’s going to be going on? Yeah I could have phrased that better. I need sleep.

This weekend I’m going to be living it up (read: not leaving my room) at a 5* London hotel. Staying at a 5* hotel was, of course, something that was on my 25before25 list, so I’m glad it’s something I’ll be able to tick off. But I’m mainly splashing out because I am desperately in need of a little ‘pick me up’ in the hotel’s spa. Can’t wait for my 30-minute massage for which I’ve had to sell half my internal organs for. 


This is what I’m going to look like in the spa. But with less fur and more swim costume.

And as I write this, it’s only 20 days until I go to America! It’s so close, but because I’ve been waiting six months for it to come round it feels strangely surreal. Over the last few weeks my friend and I have been busy booking trips to places including Yosemite, Universal Studios and the Grand Canyon. It’s fair to say it’s going to be a packed trip with so much going on, but we’re determined that it’s going to be the trip of a lifetime!

What else? Well, there are also a few other exciting plans in the pipeline which I’ve yet to confirm. I will of course be sharing all the details once they’re confirmed, so watch this space! 

Do let me know what’s been going on in your lives too!