Back in December 2015, I made one simple promise to myself: to make better use of my bank holidays in 2016!

Bank holidays, for those who have not been acquainted with these absolute dreams, are considered ‘public’ holidays for those in the UK (and a number of other countries in Europe and the Commonwealth). While writing this post has made me realise how embarrassingly little I know about bank holidays, there is only one important thing to know: it’s an extra day off for many of us workers!

Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!

Most commonly occurring on Fridays or Mondays, bank holidays give the perfect opportunity to explore a destination for a long weekend. In 2014 I finally managed to escape to Amsterdam, but since then I’ve mainly used my bank holidays for catching up on sleep. Which is, undoubtedly, incredibly important. But you might as well catch up on your sleep while you’re flying off to a different country, amiright?

This May bank holiday I’m off to…


Yes, the land of casinos, glitzy yachts and a weirdly intriguing royal family.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.16.02

Let’s get this straight right away – nope, I haven’t gone and won the lottery. (Unfortunately.) After hearing so many good things about it from people at work, I thought I’d take a look into this independent microstate a little more. And, before I knew it, I’d booked a three-day trip for me and the bestie. 

It happens to us all, right?

So what have we got planned for our long weekend? A romantic evening meal atop a luxe hotel at sunset, a flutter or two at the beautiful Casino Monte Carlo, and undoubtedly a few walks along that gorgeous Mediterranean coastline. Make sure to follow along on my favourite social media platform, Instagram!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 22.16.13

Earlier this week it was looking like there was going to be rain every single day we were there. But now – fingers crossed – we’ll be treated to a bit of sunshine across the weekend. And, well…it’s currently 4 degrees in Essex at this precise moment in time. So anywhere has got to be warmer than this. Is it really sad that I’m looking forward to folding my jumpers away for a few days and busting out the floaty skirts?

What should I do in Monaco? Let me know your top tips in the comments below!