New York’s got one, Melbourne’s got one – in fact, virtually every city or large town has one. What am I talking about? Good question. I’d better tell you or we’ll be here for days: it’s hip neighbourhoods!

When you think of a ‘hip’ destination, chances are your mind goes to somewhere like Williamsburg or Shoreditch; places where the beards outnumber the clean-shaven chins and where it’s impossible to order a generic big-named beer. Having worked around East London for the last 6 years, I’ve sort of grown used to seeing new-fangled (mostly organic…) eateries and hip vintage stores on virtually every street corner. And I love it, because every day there’s something different going on – like new colourful graffiti, a pop-up event, a Granny attic-inspired cafe serving 416 types of tea…

Travel Supermarket’s Hip Hang-Out Neighbourhood Indexes

Over the last few months I’ve been working alongside Travel Supermarket to help put together guides to the most up-and-coming hip areas to visit across Europe and the UK. I’m really excited to reveal this project to you because it was SO MUCH FUN to work on, and I poured a lot of love, time and research into creating something I really hope is useful. But, more importantly, I’m super keen for you to have a look because I’m certain that the destinations on the list will get you insanely inspired for your next trip.

Where are the hippest neighbourhoods in Europe?

Credit: Travel Supermarket

How Does The Index Work?

The index takes into account lots of different factors, such as the number of independent coffee shops, art galleries and vintage fashion stores, which suggest the area is a hive of creativity and trend-setters. I personally adore these sorts of areas when I’m travelling. Not only are they off the tourist trail and are less commercial, but these areas often give you a chance to do something different, whether it’s trying some new foodie creation, or discovering more about the history. I also like to imagine that this would be my haunting group if I were to move to that city and work for some hip start-up. Where would my local coffee shop be? Where would I buy my salads? What 100% organic cat food would Jim and Ralph have to get used to? All these important questions need to be answered…

Where are the hippest neighbourhoods in Europe?

If you’re thinking, “Eurgh, hipster places are so over-rated and over-priced,” then that’s the beauty of this index. It discounts places which have already reached ‘Peak Hipster’ (like Shoreditch), and brings some new suggestions to the fore. Places you might not have even considered before, like Margate of all places! I won’t completely spoil the index rating for you, but it looks like UK fans wanting to get their hip fix might end up having to go quite a bit north of the M25…

One extra thing I WILL say, though, is that Travel Supermarket’s guide also considers traveller value – so it’s wise to take a look and get booking before everyone else gets the same idea 😉

The full index can be found here. Let me know what you think of it, and whether or not you agree with the list!