Not my hand. Or my map. Or my picture. 

When I’m having a bad day, I tend to try and cheer myself up by looking up pictures of exotic countries and plotting my dream travel itinerary. One day, I took this a step further. I made a complete bucket list of all the places I wanted to visit. The consequence was a complete mood crash, only redeemable by several strong cups of tea and a cuddle with the kitten. 


It’s a bit too depressing to think about really. Especially when you have no money, 30,000 words still to write before you get your degree and absolutely no idea where to visit first (Left, right, up, down? I start to feel like a Whitney Houston song).

There’s so many things I want to do. I would love to look after sloths in Costa Rica (my long lost relatives), swim between the tectonic plates in Iceland and indulge in Cat Heaven  in Tashirojima. I would love to wrap up warm in Moscow, and fit into a bikini in Hawaii.
After contemplating the meaning of life, I was reminded by my friend that, even if I visited just one a year, there’s a very good chance I’ll see the majority of these places in my lifetime (subject to money/time/events). We’re so lucky that we live in a time where we can be the other side of the world within 24 hours. We’re also lucky that we are in the position to be able to afford to travel! So, really, I can’t be too sad. Rather, I need to look forward to all the places still waiting for me to discover them – oh, and all the exotic teas!

How about you: do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by places you still want to see? Or are you ready to embrace every new adventure?