When it comes to deciding where to go next, sometimes it’s best to have an open mind and to wait and see what adventures come your way.

That being said, sometimes there are some places you’ve been aching to go to for so long that you decide it’s time to put your plans into action. 2013 will hopefully be one of those years for me!

There are places quite near to the UK (and slightly further afield…) that have been on my bucket list for so long now it’s starting to get ridiculous. I keep looking up hotels and flights so often that even Google is starting to tire of me now.

So where do I plan to go in 2013? In no particular order, here are my 2013 Travel Resolutions:


A beautiful Amsterdam canal
(Image from amsterdam-travel.net)

Seriously, it’s pretty much just across the road from me and I have never been. This saddens me a bit too much. It’s so easy to get to – I can get there via London, a train and a boat, and even my local airport flies there for just a tad over £25 each way. 

When I was younger, I used to associate Amsterdam with tulips and many half naked women on the streets. Now, I realise there’s so much more to see and do: to get lost in the maze of canals, to cheat death by cycling precariously through the city, to witness the home of Anne Frank and to be amazed at the beautiful architecture.  Get me there, now!


St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow
[image from http://luggagetagsandticketstubs.blogspot.co.uk/]
When I heard Easyjet were opening a new route from London to Moscow, I unashamedly shrieked with happiness.  Before you’ve even booked your flights you’re looking at around £90 for a Russian visa, so finding flights as cheap as possible is an absolute must for those on a budget!

Once you’re there though, there’s just so much to discover.  From basking in the shadow of the iconic St. Basil’s Cathedral to visiting Lenin’s Mausoleum, you’ll be crazy for Mockba. And, if you somehow run out of things to do, catch a high speed train to St. Petersburg from just £16. 


I want to live here!
[image from http://travelthisworld.tumblr.com]
I’ve been to Venice twice before in the autumn, but it’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited, that I would love to go again – this time in the summer.

Generator’s restyled Venetian hostel opens in May 2013, and it’s handily situated close to St. Mark’s Square, the hub of Venetian life.  I love just strolling along by the canals, immersing myself in the beauty of the city, since there’s always a corner you haven’t explored.  One of the first things I’d like to do is revisit Burano, a small island around a 40 minute boat ride from Venice. In the summer, I reckon the eclectic buildings would look even more vibrant.


Beautiful Iceland has it all!
[Image from http://www.tatraphotographyworkshop.com]
Iceland is the source of many of my day dreams. And, believe me, from relaxing in the thermal springs to swimming between the Eurasian and North American tectonic plates, there’s a lot to keep my day dreams flowing.

The trouble I’ve had with booking a trip to Iceland has been the timing. I’ve wanted to go during winter to increase my chances of seeing the Northern Lights, but the Christmas university holidays have often been filled with family get-togethers and horrific deadlines. 

This year though, I’ll have finally wrapped up my university career and so will hopefully have a bit more time to spare to make that trip of a lifetime!

And, uh…China.

“Visit you HERE?!” My friend heard me say. “*Sigh, if I must….”
[image from http://kids.britannica.com]
Slightly further afield, but nevertheless a very important one. One of my good friends is off to teach English in Xi’an for 6 months. As a dutiful friend, I feel it’s only right I hop on a plane to visit.

Xi’an is home to the mesmerizing Terracotta Army and a rich Chinese culture. If I’m lucky, I even hope to stop off in Beijing for a few days en route to see the Great Wall of China.

That’s where I hope to be off to in 2013! Have you got any travel plans for the forthcoming year?