Remember when you were younger and you would design what your ideal bedroom would look like? Well, my idea of the perfect room resembled something like a Yotel cabin room. With funky purple lighting, monsoon shower and a flatscreen TV, Yotel is to hotels what Apple is to technology – chic, stylish and lots of fun.
Me, with the hotel’s moose that greets you as you step out of the lift!
The chain opened its first (and, as yet, only) city centre location in New York in June 2011, having already set up hotels at airports in Amsterdam and London. Each ‘cabin’ is perfectly formed to allow you to have everything at its fingertips. From the air-con to the carpet, everything is thought of with you in mind – and the result is a first class stay in one of the world’s most exciting cities!
Yotel New York sits in the Hell’s Kitchen region of Manhattan, two blocks and an easy 10 minute walk away from Times Square. From there, you’re perfectly situated to explore the rest of Manhattan, whether by foot or subway. For foodies like me, you’re also just a few minutes walk away from The Food Emporium, 7 Eleven, the best bagels ever at Pax and a 24 hour pharmacy opposite the hotel which sells drinks and snacks.
Our view of the street from our room.
The City That Doesn’t Sleep
In true Big Apple fashion, Yotel NY isn’t just somewhere for you to rest your head. You can also dine, drink and party in style.
The outside terrace (New York’s largest!) has two bars and is the place to go in the evenings for cocktails. Each time we went it was brimming with guests and has a great ambience, whether you want to just sit and chill or meet some fellow travellers. And what better way to wake up than by sitting on the terrace in the mornings, surrounded by the beauty of Manhattan while enjoying your (complimentary) muffins and tea/coffee?
One of the main bars (from – Cocktails galore!
The Dohyo Restaurant has a Latin-Asian inspired menu – plus it looks pretty snazzy.

Sure the rooms are small, but aren’t the best things supposed to come in small packages? And it’s the nature of Yotel that the rooms are compactly designed with the user in mind. The sofa folds down into a bed at the click of a button, and you’ll still be finding storage space a week later. Free wi-fi is an added bonus too.
If you find yourself spending longer than usual in the monsoon shower – don’t worry, that’s normal. With complimentary body wash (one to help you unwind for bed, the other to help wake you up) you’ll want to make the most of it while you can.
Cosy rating
4* – When you’re a traveller on a budget, it’s not often you get more excited about the hotel room rather than the holiday itself. But, this is exactly what Yotel does to you. It offers location, style and comfort – you won’t want to leave!
You can find Yotels in New York, and in airports at Amsterdam Schiphol, London Heathrow and Gatwick. For information on availability and pricing see
(Please note: I wasn’t paid by Yotel to write this. I genuinely am a bit obsessed with their hotels.)