For those of you who enjoy the company of a friend on holiday, you most probably have an idea of what your ideal travel companion would be like. There’s nothing worse than splashing the cash on an exciting holiday and being trapped with someone you really just don’t ‘gel’ with. 

I’ve been lucky enough to travel all around the world with my best friends who have all made each trip amazing in their own special way.
But I’m always on the look out for more people to travel with, and in my head I’ve put together 12 things my ‘ideal’ travel companion would have. Some of these are meant jokingly (for instance – if you don’t like tea, I will accept this as a challenge rather than a sign we should never speak again) whilst some (such as number 4) would really make or break whether a holiday together would really be a good idea. 

1. You understand that getting up before 7am should be a criminal offence. You also appreciate that a lay-in (until we both feel physically alive again) is sometimes needed.

2. You recognise that “Tea?” is a necessity – not a suggestion.

3. I reserve the right to weep on your shoulder before/during and maybe even for a few uncomfortable moments after take off. Likewise, my shoulder is yours for the duration of the flight.

4. Suggesting we “Go out and get slaughtered” one night will earn you an early flight back home. Alone.

5. A cake shop is not something that can be passed by lightly. Each cake must be scrutinized in detail and, more than likely, be tried at least once.

6. Taking some of the hotel’s breakfast for lunch is not stingy, but makes logical and economic sense. 

7. Going out and getting lost is a perfectly legitimate way to spend a day.

8. Likewise, asking a local for directions back to the hotel is not something to be ashamed about…

9. …whereas spending 2 hours each morning applying make up is.

10. You appreciate a cat cannot be passed on the street without being snuggled and/or kidnapped. 

11. You understand the heavenly feeling of finding a WiFi spot.

12. You can never buy enough postcards and shoddy souvenirs. 

What would your Ideal Travel Companion be like?