Italy: a country of love, stunning landscapes and history. More importantly, in my opinion, it’s the place for foodies to go to. Whether you have a passion for pizza or a craving for cake, Naples is ready to welcome you with open arms and some of the best-tasting treats you’ll find. Here’s my pick of places to head to for a taste of Food Heaven!

Dolce & Amaro, via Chiaia

The shop is hidden down a side alley, so keep your eyes peeled!

Vassoio di Cremini

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to this Chocolate Shop is a must. Each individual chocolate is handmade by the chocolatier and his wife in a factory on the outskirts of Naples. The best thing is you can try before you buy – and with 35 different chocolates, you’re spoilt for choice!

We both left with a gift bag of hand picked chocolates which then got lovingly squashed away in our suitcases for the return journey. 

Patisserie S. Capparelli, via Tribunali

My cake on the left – Zoe’s orangey goodness on the right!
From the outside: Just a normal Neapolitan patisserie.

Oh my Goodness. If God was a cake, He would look like this. Even with my braces preventing me from biting into the cake, I gave it my best shot. I don’t care that I got more cream down my coat than in my mouth and that I ate if as if I hadn’t eaten in a week. THIS CAKE WAS THE STUFF OF DREAMS. Think whipped cream mixed with pastry, nutella and hazelnuts. If I could pick just one reason to go back to Naples, this is it.

Perditempo, Piazza Dante

The unassuming front of the wine bookshop

Books, wine and a resident dog – could we have got any more Hipster-ish?

Located in our lovingly nicknamed ‘Hipster District’ is an adorably quirky cafe called Perditempo – literally meaning ‘time waster.’ With a carefree atmosphere and kitsch furniture, you can happily while away a few hours in the evening, especially considering a glass of wine costs just 3 euros. Stacks of old vinyls and books can also be found on the shelves which will invariably set off a few conversations!

Caffe Ferrieri, via Tribunali

God in ceramic form

(Please don’t look at my roots.)
As much as I love trying different foods, there’s only so long I can go without a traditional English cup of tea. Usually this is less than an hour, but there have been times (such as in Hong Kong) where I was without for almost 3 days. That was a low point in my travels.

Thankfully, Zoe is just as tea-obsessed as me, which sparked a 4 day search for a cuppa. And this really was a search and a half – tea is fairly easy to come across in Naples, but it’s finding one that tastes like home that’s the real mission. The best one we found was in Caffe Ferrieri we almost died of euphoria when we saw Twinings tea bags on the shelf. 

Have you been to Naples? What was your favourite food?