This week’s postcard comes from Colorado, USA!

One of the first postcards I received from Postcrossing, the picture is of Snowmass Wilderness -a 181,535 acre wilderness area in Central Colorado.

Jim’s face: “Another photo? Again?”

I received this postcard from a lady called Dede who wrote:

“Colorado has been my home the past 22 years. I love all the mountains (over 1000!), the wide open spaces and the fact that we get over 300 days of sunshine each year! It’s a great place to live.”

300 days of sunshine? Absolute. Bliss.

And it’s not just bias – a quick look at Trip-Advisor shows it’s an area that captivates everyone with its spell-binding beauty. 

I haven’t yet had the chance to go to Colorado, but have a friend over near Denver so a visit is always possible! It just seems like an area of America that has been relatively untouched and so features some of the most stunning natural views going. 

Time for a tea and a chat! Have you been to Colorado? Is it on your wish list?