Last night, I booked my first getaway for this summer – and it’s to a place I’ve been dying to go to for years.

Let me give you some clues: it’s in Europe, cold and I’ll never be able to learn the language. It’s better known for being a tourist destination in the winter when you have the best chance of seeing a certain natural phenomenon .. Can you guess where I’m off to?

If you guessed Iceland, give yourself a pat on the back!

My friend Helen and I are off to Reykjavik for 5 nights in June – why June and not in the winter to see the Northern Lights? Well, we’ve decided to take a trip there this summer to snorkel in the Silfra fissure at Thingvellir. We’re hoping that it will be slightly warmer for us in the Summer months! Of course, we’ll also be doing the usual touristy things, and hope to go whale watching and take a dip in the blue lagoon.
Snorkeling the Silfra fissure at Thingvellir, Reykjavik - Reykjavik
Where are we staying?

We’re staying in the 4* Home Luxury Apartments in the heart of the city for optimum exposure to the Icelandic culture!

We got a great deal on Expedia and for our money we get our own studio which includes *drum roll* – a DVD player and a games console. Not going to lie, this kind of sold it to me a bit further. Sometimes when you’re away in the evenings it’s fab to just relax in cosy surroundings. I wonder if they have good tea out there…?
The only downside is that it’s self catered. It’s a downside in the fact that neither Helen or I can cook, so we’ll probably be living on bread and soup for the week. Hopefully though this will make things a little bit cheaper. We should probably crack open a cook book before we go though…
I’m super excited for this as it’s been a country that’s captivated me for so long! So I’m after your suggestions – what should we see and do when we go?