Now, I don’t know about you, but when it comes to packing for a holiday, I’m a complete mess. A fortnight before I go, I’m busy making mental lists of everything I need to take, but invariably always end up forgetting something, whether it’s my camera or pyjamas (I can’t tell what’s worse…).

Next week I’m off to Manchester for the weekend and I’m determined to make it there with all my essential gadgetry and cosy items. So, when I heard about a new app on the market, I thought I could use this to my advantage…

What is Snupps?
Put simply, it’s a new app that helps you keep track of things, whether that’s your valuables, collection of china dolls, items in storage or inspirational objects you see while out and about. You just create an album, add your own photos, and voila! At the moment it’s available free on iOS and the web (, so you’re able to take your lists around with you. I’m hoping an Android app will follow soon!

You can choose to make your albums ‘private’ or ‘public.’ Some of the public ones (above) show just how useful the app is. Other users are also able to follow your albums, and give ‘wows’ to any pictures (sort of like a Facebook ‘like’.)

Having seen how versatile the app is, I thought I could use this to my advantage. I set up my own ‘Manchester Trip’ private album and have started taking photos of everything I want to take with me. From toiletries to my phone, I will just be taking photos of everything to make sure I pack everything I need. When I’m also packing to come home, it’ll help me remember what I need to take back with me. So, if I do remember to take my pyjamas with me, hopefully I’ll remember to bring them back…

Each picture has its own page to allow you to monitor any interaction with other users (if your page is public, of course – mine’s private, as the idea of people seeing my worn-out Will Young pyjamas fills me with dread.) When adding any photos, it’s also possible to add further details, such as brand, model, value or warranty. (Will Young pyjamas = invaluable.)

I especially like the idea of using it for travel, as if you’re travelling abroad and your airline loses your luggage, you have a record of everything that was in your suitcase for insurance purposes. In fact, this was exactly the reasoning behind the creation of this app. The founders – father and son – lost their luggage containing all their electronics, clothes and personal items, and had to scramble about for weeks to remember what they had packed. Don’t let this be you!

Is it worth downloading?
Although it’s only just launched, I reckon it’s going to be pretty useful for people on the go, whether you’re hopping from hostel to hostel, or just off on a mini-break like me.

As a free app, it’s definitely worth a download. It’s a nifty little way of keeping track of everything you own in one place, plus it can come around with you everywhere you go.

And – if you need any more reasons to download – because the app has just launched, pretty much every username possible is still available! No more EmilyRay342485 for me…

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Disclaimer: This review contains all my own thoughts and I was not paid for it.