When I’m not travelling, I still like to get a taste for the exotic by trying out foods from all over the world. It could just be a plate of sushi or a cup of bubble tea, but I like finding ways to trick my senses into believing I’m actually abroad, roaming foreign streets.

On Sunday, Char from Taylor Hearts Travel invited me to a meet-up with travel bloggers including Laura from Little Travel Bee, Sarah from Let Me Tell You About a Hotel, Lauren from Tea and PostKasha from Lines of Escape and Ocean from An Ocean Away. Our venue? The Rum Kitchen, a restaurant decked out like a Caribbean beach shack and tucked away off of the swinging Carnaby Street.


The Carnaby Street restaurant is one of two in London (the other’s located in Notting Hill). Inside, it’s effortlessly cool with a laid back vibe from slogans and colourful walls and ceilings. What made it even more like a typical Caribbean shack was the fact it was a blazing hot day, so the doors and windows were wide open to let in as much sunshine as possible! (You really have to make the most of the English sunshine when it comes round…)





Their menu includes a whole concoction of traditional Caribbean foods, with smaller nibbles sitting alongside hearty main meals. They also cater for the vegetarians (hurrah!) with a number of dishes – I opted for the roast pumpkin, coconut, pumpkin, potato and chickpea curry, with a side of rice and peas. That’s pretty much my vegetable quota for the rest of the year, right…?
DSC_0662You’ll be pleased to hear, there’s also plenty of rum-based drinks and cocktails to get you in the relaxed Caribbean mood…


DSC_0674If, like me, you like experimenting with different food, I’d definitely recommend dropping into The Rum Kitchen. It’s the closest you can get to the Caribbean in the heart of London – albeit with a lack of beach, palm trees and crystal clear waters…

Have you tried The Rum Kitchen? Where do you go for a taste of the exotic?