I don’t know about you, but when the sun finally makes an appearance in London, I do the opposite of what 95% of the population does. Instead of heading outside to bask in the sun, I stay inside under the air-con, wrapped in a blanket and embracing my potential vitamin D deficiency. I can’t stand the heat or being all sweaty – and I never tan, instead turning into a luminous shade of lobster.

But, whenever I go abroad, I’m always the first to race outside, no matter how much sun there is. In Hong Kong, I was practically collapsing in the humid weather, but forced myself to get out there and explore all the city has to offer because I only had a few days to do so.

It’s when I book holidays that my attention always turns to sun cream. I have a mini bottle of sun cream in my bag (for those rare moments where I’m forced to go outside…like during a fire drill) but it’s always the same-old brand each and every year.

That’s why I was stoked when I heard Lushthe high-street home of all things sweet-smelling, is bringing out its first ever sun care range.

Lush store in Bristol

I could tell you all about the SPF’s (sun protection factors) and UVAPF’s (UVA protection factors) their sun care products contain (which is undoubtedly very important) but the main reason why I love Lush products is because they’re handmade and not tested on animals. They also use as many natural ingredients as they can, so you feel oddly at-one with Mother Earth (maybe that’s just me…).

Here are some of the products in the range:

The Sunblock solid sunscreen wash (SPF: 30 High)

Unlike traditional sun cream, this is applied while in the shower or bath. Rip off a third of the bar and rub into your skin. Then, just rinse off and pat your skin dry with a towel – and voilà!  The wash-on chunk is packed with soothing calamine powder and zinc oxide, which works as a natural sunscreen to provide protection from UV rays. It’s also supposed to smell pretty good too.

Cost: £8.95 per 100g


Sesame Suntan Lotion (SPF: 10 Low)

There are three reasons to buy this lotion: not only does it protect the skin, it also helps moisturise it and helps the body to tan. It contains an infusion of sesame oil, walnut leaf and Fair Trade Organic Colombian cocoa butter.

Cost: £8 per 100g or £15 per 250g


Lifesaver Sunscreen Cream (SPF: 30 High)

As much as it looks like it, I can assure you this is NOT hummus – which is probably a good thing because I would just eat it. That and the fact hummus probably isn’t as good for your skin. Anyway…

This cream is made with calamine powder to help protect the skin from UV rays. It also contains soothing natural ingredients such as avocado, rosehip oils, mint and eucalyptus.

Cost: £15.00 per 50g or £25.00 per 100g


Million Dollar Moisturiser 

Designed specifically for the face, the moisturiser contains evening primrose oil, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep skin feeling soft. It’s a little on the pricey side, but I reckon it’s worth the investment.

Cost: £32.50 per 45g


Would you consider trying these Lush sun care products out?