As a rule, I’ll never revisit many places when I’m travelling, especially if I’m there for just a few short days. I like to get the most out of places, which often means seeking out a different restaurant every night.

The Laundromat Cafe, however, was a BIG exception during my visit to Reyjavik. I must have visited around three times in just five days, for cake, lunch and their to-die-for milkshakes, which I’m still dreaming about.

The first Laundromat cafe opened its doors in Copenhagen in 2004. Since then, it’s spread its wings into various other Denmark locations, and opened up a cafe in Reykjavik in 2011. Its premise is pretty much summed up in its name: it offers a place for visitors to do their laundry, while grabbing a bite to eat while they wait.



Of course, we didn’t have any laundry, but we were still more than excited to visit the colourful cafe for the first time, especially as its quirky interior stood out a mile whenever we walked down the main street.


Reminiscent of an american diner, but with the right dose of Scandinavian influence, the Laundromat is a place you’ll need to go back to time and time again just to make the most of it. Only now have I found out that all the colourful books underneath the bar are actually for sale – and you can also hire out games, such as chess or cards, to play while you’re there!

Maps, framed pictures of laundromats around the world and magazines hang around the place, giving it a distinctive hipster edge.




DSC_0477Now onto the most important thing: the food! Whilst there, I sampled a slice of their deliciously thick chocolate cake (850ISK, around £4.40), with a perfect cup of English Breakfast Tea to accompany it.


I also had a tuna sandwich in brown bread (1990ISK, or £10.27) served with a handful of chips and salad *drools*


By far the best thing I had though was a chocolate chip milkshake. Forget anything else you’ve ever tasted – these milkshakes are BEYOND divine: light enough not to make you feel sick with all the sugar, and tasty enough to leave you wanting more straight away.

DSC_0528The Laundromat Cafe is located on Austurstræti 9, and is open seven days a week until late; weekdays from 8am, and weekends from 10am. 


Has anyone else visited the cafe, either in Iceland or in Denmark?