It’s just a matter of hours now until London’s Lovebox festival kicks off. I’m heading off to Victoria Park for Saturday, when some of my favourite acts are playing. Check my post here to see my top acts to catch this year!

I’ve already started packing now as I’m staying up in London tomorrow evening at the 4* Park Plaza Hotel (review to come soon…) But, what should those who like their comfort take to a one-day festival?



1. Canvas plimsolls – You can be assured that I’m 99% sure that these will fall apart while I’m wearing them if this weekend’s promised thunderstorm starts up while I’m out in the open. If I can manage to keep them dry, however, they should be acceptable. Besides, they’re super comfy for knocking around in. * Note: Since last night’s storms these have been upgraded to bring pink wellies. I don’t care if I look a loon, I will have (semi) dry feet, mwahha.

2. Hand Sanitiser – I’ll be bringing a small bottle of hand sanitiser with me, because the number of times I’ve been left wishing I had something to clean my hands with at these kind of events is insane. I’m all up for roughing it, but germs? Ick, no thank you!

3. Nurofen Express – This is purely personal preference. It looks like it’s going to be rather sunny this weekend, so I’m going to be taking some paracetamol with me in case of any sun headaches…

4. Sunglasses – My £4 Wayfarer lookalikes will be tagging along to keep my eyes protected from the UV light.

5. Money – There will be some cash machines on site, but to save time queuing for food, I’ll be taking some cash with me. Those chips will be mine.

6. Sun cream – Arguably not the most economical way to buy sun tan lotion, but it’s a small bottle that I can pop in my bag without it weighing me down. And there’s more than enough sun cream there to keep both me and my friend topped up.

7. Rain poncho – It’s supposed to rain, so I’m going to be (a little bit) prepared with this poncho. This one was free on my Big Bus Tour last week, but I didn’t have to use it in the end. It’ll be on standby, just in case…

8. Shawl – During the day you can use it as something to sit on, or just tie it round your bag when it’s not in use. Then, in the evening when it gets a bit cooler, you can use it as a mini blanket to keep you warm. Perfect!

Other things to remember…

  • Tickets – for obvious reasons.
  • Phone. You can now download the (free) official Lovebox app which gives you a map of the site, and the times all the acts take to the stage. If you’re going to a different festival, it’s worth checking out whether they have a similar app, although most usually make use of a printed schedule on a lanyard.
  • Awesome festival clothes (with optional festival face paint). I’m still to sort out the whole ‘what to wear’ thing.
  • Upgraded toilet tickets! OK, this is my new favourite thing, possibly ever. This year, Lovebox is hosting VIPee ToiletsFor just £15, festival goers can have access to eco toilets, with running water, toilet paper and *breathes* hand wash. I haven’t even tried them out yet, but I already know it’s going to be the best £15 I’ve ever spent. No more grim portaloos, hurrah! PLEASE more festivals get these!


That’s my list for this year! Is there anything else you would add to the list?