After the drama of losing my passport at Amsterdam airport last weekend, when I stumbled upon this beautiful travel collection from Aspinal of London, I thought it must be the universe trying to tell me something.

Whether it’s telling me to become more organised, or just to blow more money on designer items, I can’t quite tell. Either way, I like it.

Travel Collection



Small and thin enough to slot into hand luggage, or just to carry as a  purse, the collection also includes two leather luggage tags, plus a leather cover to keep passports looking immaculate.

It’s available in a choice of 13 different colours to match all outfits, from pillar box red to smooth turquoise. I’d probably opt for the brightest colour possible, just to ensure I didn’t leave it behind…

You can also customise the collection with up to four initials, making it a pretty nifty idea for a Christmas present (less than four months away now…)

classic travel wallet


By far my favourite part is the travel wallet, featuring several different compartments for all your essentials.

As well as a large space for currency, there are four tabbed sections – titled Tickets, Passport, Documents and Other – for holding onto easily misplaced items.

There’s also an open space in the front to slot a boarding pass into. So, really, there’s no excuse to ever leave anything behind ever again.


As with all accessories from Aspinal, the travel collection doesn’t come cheap. Weighing in from £165, you’ll probably have to forego a few meals out, but you’re really paying for quality.


If you’re someone who, like me, is generally quite an organisational freak, this is one item that’ll be a God-send on future getaways. No more fumbling through bulky bags trying to locate that elusive boarding pass that’s slipped between magazine pages. With this, you’ll be ready to take on all the trials and tribulations of the airport, train station or road trip – all while looking pretty stylish indeed.

What do you think of this travel collection?