This week’s Cosy Corner item is something I’ll be trialling this weekend on my trip to Amsterdam. I first saw tea wallets being sold a few years ago at a local craft fair, but completely failed to pick one up. Now that I’m travelling a lot more, I’ve suddenly realised just how handy they can be. It’s always a bit of a pain when you check in to a hotel and you realise that they don’t have any tea bags (How British do I sound right now?)

So, after some thorough research online, I managed to track down a variety of tea wallets on Etsy, and bought this cute little one for just £5.95 (including postage and packaging)

DSC_0562I absolutely adore the cute fabric pattern, complete with a little button to keep tea bags safe.

DSC_0571And inside, things are just as cute, with the bird fabric juxtaposed against polka dots. Although there’s only room for four teabags which, on a typical day at home would probably last me a morning, on a short weekend break it’ll at least mean I get my morning caffeine dose.

DSC_0576If you’re not a big tea drinker, these wallets provide a cute new way to carry business cards – I can guarantee it’ll spark up a conversation if you whip one of these out at a networking event.

The only thing I’m concerned about is getting the wallet wet. The fabric isn’t at all waterproof, so I’ll be packing it securely in my hand luggage before leaving it in the hotel room during the day. After all, there’s nothing worse than your bag turning into a giant cup of tea when it rains…(or is there?)

What do you think? Are tea wallets a nifty creation, or just a bit naff? I promise not to be (too) offended!