Welcome to the first in a new feature for the site! The Cosy Corner aims to provide you with travel-inspired homeware, accessories and clothing to help keep the travelling dream alive – even when you’re at home doing all the unglamorous chores.

For the first week, it’s the turn of the Airframe, created by Korean designer James Kim:

For me, the most exciting part of a trip is when you’re coming in to land. You get your first glimpse of the area you’ll be exploring, from the criss-crossed streets to tall buildings stretching out into the sky.

I’ll never forget when we came in to land at Barcelona. The city spread out beneath us in grid form, squares of buildings repeating as far as we could see, interspersed with the odd road leading cars off out of the city. I couldn’t wait to land, step out into the city and traipse the streets for myself!

The Airframe looks to recreate that exciting feeling of flying. Shaped like an aeroplane window, the frame allows images to be slot into place – whether it’s of the clouds, a city as you come into land, or even the airport tarmac as you take off. plane frame It’s such a simple yet effective design, adding colour and excitement to plain walls. I can imagine it would also work well in windowless rooms, bringing the outside in.

Not only are the frames made of ABS plastic, but anti-scratch acryl is also used for the windows, so you can be sure it’s safe from any scrapes.

instructions So, the only thing left to ask is: what picture would you put inside the frame? Here are some ideas to get you going:cities

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The frames can be purchased here. From $54 for one (or £32), or from $145 for three (or £86)