One year, two months and two days since my last overseas adventure, and I’m finally getting out of the country again.

I booked this trip back in June as a ‘Congrats-on-finishing-your-course’ treat for myself. I’ll be heading off with my best mate, Helen, for three days of exploring the canals, museum and, of course, food.

Amsterdam has always fascinated me. For years, picturesque images of the streets, bikes and waterways have littered my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds. In some ways, I kind of feel like I’ve already visited it so many times. As my local airport now flies to Amsterdam, I felt it was too good a chance to pass up, and I’m so excited about visiting in the summer months and (hopefully) snapping my own gorgeous photos of the city.

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So, what are my plans for when I’m there?

Anne Frank Museum

One of my other main motivations for visiting Amsterdam is its connection with Anne Frank. As a history graduate with an intense interest in the World Wars, I’ve already secured our tickets for the museum, as I’ve heard it can get pretty busy.

Explore the Jordaan Area

From what I’ve heard, the Jordaan area is the area to visit, with markets and museums galore. I’m not quite sure what we’ll be doing around here, but I’m sure it’ll be a quaint area for us to while a few hours in.

Stuff my Face

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There’s nothing else I can really add to this apart from it looks like I’ll be on a big diet when I get home.


Almost all of my friends who’ve visited the city have said the Vondelpark was one of their favourite memories of their trip. From what I’ve seen, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m really hoping we’ll have good weather.

Get Our Cycling Legs On

My friend and I don’t really have that much luck with two-wheeled wonders. In Iceland we took on the segway – we spent more time falling off than actually wheeling around the city. But, they say that you never forget how to ride a bike, so here’s hoping this endeavour will be a lot more successful…

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What other things do you reckon I should see? Which museums are good to visit, and are there any good food places you would recommend?