I’m currently sitting at my desk in my PJs and jumper with a blanket round me. In just a few days I’ll be in Athens where it’s expected to be around 24° Celsius. Cue massive packing panic.

When it comes to hot weather, I like to keep it simple with my clothes. I also like to keep it practical, because there’s nothing worse than exploring a new city in uncomfortable shoes, or a tiny skirt that keeps riding up.

So what will be in my suitcase?


In hot weather, a white tee is always my go-to item. You can pair it with colourful skirts, jeans or shorts, and they also hide any unsightly sweat patches. I’ll be taking a few along, like this plain t-shirt from New Look.

This weekend I also treated myself to this v neck Aztec-style top from Primark which will be ideal for evening drinks.

topAnd my favourite thing about wearing white t-shirts? They can instantly be dressed up with a bright kimono. I seem to have gone a bit kimono crazy this Summer, but these are two of my favourites, picked up from TKMaxx and New Look (the latter of which has a great selection of kimonos here).



I’ve invested in this beautiful dress from ASOS (£35) for the TBEX opening party. It’s also available in red, but I thought that would clash pretty badly with the lobster-pink tan I’m inevitably going to get.



I’m no fashionista – I’m keeping it simple with some black culottes (like these from ASOS), which are good for maintaining some dignity while you’re running around (as well as keeping your bum cool). I’m also going to be REALLY mixing it up with a black skirt for the evenings (I know – wild.)




Shoes are the bane of my life. I have flat feet, so I always have to slip these discreet wooden insoles into any shoes I wear. So those pretty Grecian-style sandals I’ve been eyeing up are completely out of the question.

Instead, I’m going to keep it plain with some grey trainers from New Look (currently £4 in the sale) and some black slipper-style shoes (like these from New Look).




I’m in love with this handbag I picked up from Primark the other day for just £8. It’s got a cute folky style pattern on the outside, and a bohemian pattern on the inside which makes me smile every time I see it.


I also scored with a pair of pink sunnies for just £2 in the New Look sale. And I’ll be dressing up those white t-shirts with some jazzy necklaces and gold bracelets. (The gold cuff below is from ASOS, while the gold necklace is from New Look).jewelleryI also decided to splash out on a floral swimsuit from Figleaves.com – I can’t wait to début it at our hotel’s pool!


Other Items

Special shout-outs to all the other items that’ll be crammed into my suitcase, including:

  • 5 pairs of knickers
  • A cardigan
  • Socks

Is there anything you would add to the list?