As with the arrival of every new year, my thoughts have already turned to where I’m hoping to travel to over the next 12 months. My annual leave has been renewed, and I’m ready to make some exciting plans!

Although I’ve yet to book anything yet, I’ve found myself looking at a few particular places over and over again – fingers crossed some of these destinations will be ticked off in 2015…


Although I’ve been to Scotland twice already (to Glasgow and to Edinburgh), there’s still so much I have left to see. From the highlands in the North to the idyllic islands to the West, Scotland seems like it’s home to a patchwork of different countries. I think it’s a country that’s so easily overlooked by us English, purely for the fact it’s so close, when really it’s the perfect destination for a mini break or even a road trip!


From a country known as one of the wettest in Europe…to a region flaunting some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Well, you’ve got to have a bit of variety, haven’t you?

It was only in 2014 that I realised that I’ve never once been to a tropical beach. I’m usually drawn to the frenzy of city life, but I’m eager to try something completely different – and I figure that if you’re going to experiment you might as well do it on a beautiful Caribbean beach.

Of all the islands, St Lucia appeals to me most, what with its volcanic geography and mountainous terrain. But then again, if you’re going all the way to the Caribbean, you might as well jump on a cruise, right?


I can’t remember the first time I saw an image of Plitvice Lakes – it must have been while I was at college, as I have pictures all over my A Level revision folder – but I remember falling completely and utterly head over heels with the magical wonderland of crystal blue pools of water interlinked by gushing waterfalls. I would love to finally take a visit next summer.

I’ve been looking at ways in which I could combine a trip to the gorgeous city of Dubrovnik with a visit to the Plitvice Lakes, but it seems like it’s a bit of a mission. It’s still almost a two-hour drive from Zadar, but hey – sometimes the places most worth visiting require a bit of effort.


From March 2015, Easyjet will begin to operate a service between Lisbon and São Miguel, the largest island in the Azores. (*does a little dance*)

Although the Azores are part of Portugal, I’ve always looked on them as a mystical region located in the middle of nowhere. Seemingly randomly plotted in the North Atlantic Ocean, the archipelago of islands is arguably one of the remotest places in Europe. They’re rich with nature, animals, and some of the most spectacular views.


I had high hopes of spending my 24th birthday in Marrakech, but it looks unlikely to happen now due to other (pretty exciting) plans. I’ve long dreamed of stepping foot onto Africa, and Morocco in particular has really captivated me. Colourful souks, untamed desert plains and the spellbinding Atlas mountains are just some of the things that I’m eager to explore more of, but I’d also love to drop by the little-known city of Chefchaouen (although looking on the map it’s actually closer to Spain than it is to Marrakech. This one may require a bit more research.)

Tallinn or Bern

Tallinn or Bern both offer a quaint and historic mini-getaway destination, and I’m kind of torn over which one I would like to visit first. Also, while they both look absolutely beautiful in summer, they also hold some pretty magical-looking Christmas markets. All of this is just pointing to the fact I should really just do both cities. In every different season.

Las Vegas

Two words: Britney. Spears.

OK, so I know Britney’s not the best reason to fly 8,000km+ for, but if I’m ever going to visit Sin City, it’s going to be now.

Aside from seeing Britney live at Planet Hollywood, I’d also like to try my luck on the casinos (I reckon they’re better than the ones along Southend’s seafront), plus take trips out to the Neon Boneyard, Death Valley and the Grand Canyon.


Exuding quintessential English charm, the Cotswolds is a destination that has long since eluded me for one reason or another. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for rural villages, verdant scenery and quaint architecture, so it seems about right to make Cotswolds one to visit in 2015.

Anywhere else

This time last year, I had absolutely no idea that I would be travelling to Amsterdam and Athens in 2014, so I’m very open to a few travel surprises! Bonus points if it involves Dubai, India, Nepal, South America, Cape Town….(etc etc)

All images obtained from the Flickr’s Creative Commons

Where do you hope to travel to in 2015?