So, last week’s posting schedule went a bit awry, and I can tell you exactly why: it was my birthday! In all the excitement I kind of forgot to schedule anything and then was too tired in the evenings to actually finish off any of my drafted posts…woops.

I am now officially 24 (and four days…). It’s an age that satisfies my OCD for even numbers, but yet also terrifies me. In many ways I still feel 19, yet next year I’ll be a quarter of the way to 100…


(OK, I got a little carried away with clipart…)

There are too many things that freak me out now. Seeing fully-grown little children who were born in the new Millennium is absolutely horrifying – as is realising I only know about half the songs in the UK top 10. And don’t even mention the fact that it’s been 12 years since the last episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch was first aired.

In the run-up to my birthday I had been thinking of all the things I hope to achieve in my lifetime. Little things like meeting some deer at Richmond Park, as well as big things like becoming fluent in German. It made me realise that a lot of these goals have been bouncing around in my brain for years – and I’ve yet to complete any of them.

It got me thinking: why haven’t I completed any of them yet? Especially the little things that are so easy to complete and can easily be done with a little bit of effort. That’s when I decided: I’m going to make a list of 25 of them and make sure I complete them all. Every single one of them, before 5th March 2016.

So what’s on the list?

25 Before 25

  1. Have afternoon tea somewhere posh (like The Ritz)
  2. Go to Richmond Park to see the deer
  3. Remember to send birthday cards to each of my friends
  4. See a sunrise/sunset in a foreign country
  5. Climb Snowdonia
  6. Go to a salsa dancing lesson
  7. Participate in a Go Ape activity day
  8. Improve my German
  9. Go skiing
  10. Go snorkelling (preferably somewhere warm…)
  11. Take my mum away – even for just a day trip
  12. Go glamping
  13. Visit the Sunday flower market on Columbia Road
  14. Go Up the O2
  15. Visit a new Christmas market
  16. Go boating on the Serpentine Lake in Hyde Park
  17. Learn how to cast-on…and knit
  18. Make a YouTube video I’m proud of
  19. Volunteer…somewhere
  20. Win an award for my blog
  21. Visit five new countries
  22. Actually finish the three Jules Verne books I’ve started
  23. Go to the Emirates Aviation Experience  in Greenwich
  24. Stay in a five star hotel
  25. Make a blanket fort and just watch movies/TV shows for a day


I reckon the above are all pretty achievable goals for the next year. If there’s anyone who fancies joining me in completing any of them (especially the salsa dancing…) then please shout!

Is there anything you would add to the list? Have you given yourself a similar challenge?