As a time to realise your suitcase zip is broken, just as you’re leaving the front door to head to the airport is probably not the best.

Alas, that’s exactly what happened to my polka dot suitcase on the day I flew out to Austria. My beloved suitcase that had flown with me to some of my most favourite destinations including Iceland, New York and Hong Kong. Although, for something that was from the ultra-cheap Primark on Oxford Street, it had lasted rather well.

Luckily, half the zip still worked so it was possible to eek out a few extra days’ use. However, now I’m back in the UK I’m on the look-out for a new suitcase, as well as a few other pieces to make my travels a little more stylish.

So it was quite a coincidence when I was asked by BlueDiamond, a luxury resort in Mexico, to do a post on my top pick of luxury luggage items. I’ve been spending quite some time looking for some new luggage pieces, and here’s a selection of my favourite items.

Vivienne Westwood Multi Coloured Backpack



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I absolutely adore this Vivienne Westwood backpack in a vibrant African-inspired print. I tend to shy away from big designer purchases because I always assume they’re going to be way out of my price range – but at £185, this bag isn’t too astronomical in price. As well as backpack straps, the bag also includes two straps on top so you can carry it around in your hand. Might have to put this on my wish list…

Conkca: Chestnut Brook Cross-Body Travel Bag


I was sent this Conkca cross-body travel bag to review as part of this round-up. Although it’s not that roomy, I can imagine it would be a great little in-flight bag, perfect for slipping in magazines and books, as well as essential documents like passports and boarding passes in the front pocket. Although it’s currently out of stock (sorry, guys), hopefully when it does pop back on the site it’ll remain at 50% off. Plus, it looks like Indiana Jones’ shoulder bag, so you can’t really go too far wrong.

Herschel duffel bag


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I love a good weekend holdall. They’re just the right size for a few days away, and they also avoid the – frankly hilarious – remarks of “Are you moving in, then?” that the sight of a small suitcase encourages.

I love the slouchy look of this bold Herschel duffel bag, as well as the fact it features a special shoe compartment. Plus the unisex look of it means that I could totally share it with my boyfriend, making the £80 price tag a little more bearable.

Wool felt leather clutch


This felt clutch from Etsy was another item that was sent to me to review. This versatile little bag can be used for absolutely anything, from toiletries to your phone, to small change. Home made in Switzerland, it’s also completely biodegradable, so you’ll be scoring major eco points. At £26 you’re paying for all the love and care that has gone into making it, and you can definitely tell it’s of a high quality.

Wash Bags



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I have a little bit of a soft spot for pretty wash bags. No matter how naff the journey is or how tired I am, a pretty wash bag in the bathroom always seems to cheer me up. John Lewis has one of the best selection of wash bags I’ve seen, with animal and flowery patterns aplenty. This William Morris wash bag (above) is both stylish and simple, as well as small enough to squeeze into luggage.

And if money was no object…the Globe Trotter Trolley Case


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If I ever come into a spare £1,195 (not likely any time soon…) this 28″ Safari suitcase in ivory and natural will be one of my first purchases. Harking back to the grand days of the 1920s, this classic suitcase design exudes the age-old romantic air of travel – but it also comes with wheels so it’s easier to manoeuvre. Globe Trotter also offer a selection of other sophisticated suitcases, and they’re well worth checking out. However, until I win the lottery, I might just have to put up with some vintage-style suitcases off of eBay

What do you think of these luggage pieces? Do any take your fancy?