When I was younger, every summer holiday would be spent at a seaside holiday park (usually with caravans) around the UK. We didn’t venture too far from our Essex home, normally keeping things local with a week in Norfolk or Suffolk, but it was always the highlight of my year.

It never involved staying anywhere too fancy, which is why I’m always in awe at how awesome places like Park Resorts look. Gone are the empty fields of yonder when we had to keep ourselves amused with a cricket bat and a football – instead, now you’ve got pools, entertainment centres, and even nature reserves where you can hang out with the latest wildlife.

When you’ve got limited holiday to work with, staycations are an awesome way of getting a quick weekend away without having to spend too much time travelling. With this in mind, here are six seaside-specific places I’d recommend should be at the top of your list. If you have any other ideas, please share them in the comments section at the bottom!



Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire is one place we took one or two trips to when I was younger on the rare occasion that we ventured a little further away from East Anglia.

The beach, with all its sand dunes, is one of the best I’ve ever visited, while there’s also plenty of countryside to explore. Mablethorpe is also just down the road from Skegness, but it sounds infinitely nicer when dropped into conversation.


Oh, and Mablethorpe’s got a sand train. No biggie. (Image source)



As an Essex girl born and bred (don’t judge me), I had to get an Essex location on the list. My grandad would always holiday here when he was a baby back in the 1920s, so it was always inevitable that we’d have quite a few family breaks here.

Walton-on-the-Naze is a relatively quiet town, but there’s plenty to do for kids. From long stretches of sandy beaches to open fields for playing on, there’s enough to keep you busy for weeks. Plus there’s also a pier full of rides, and the 18th century Naze Tower with a tearoom. The town always scoops up bonus points for being close to Colchester.


Walton’s also got some pretty awesome houses. (Image source)


I’m in Yorkshire a few times every year, and each time I hear people raving about Whitby. I’ve visited before when I was younger and I’m dying to return as soon as I can.

The area is probably best known for inspiring Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ back in the 19th century. Today you can visit the Dracula Experience as well as the Gothic magnificence of Whitby Abbey‘s ruins. There’s also a multitude of other activities to get up to, including railway trips, horse riding and walking through The North York Moors. Definitely my top tip for an adult getaway.


Whitby – it’s alright, I guess…. (Image source)

Isle of Barra

Now, I’m not one to usually get overly jealous, but later this year my family is heading up to the Isle of Barra in Scotland before going on a tour of the Hebrides. And of course, someone (aka me) has got to stay at home and look after the cats. Cue massive travel envy.

Since being told of my cat-sitting duties, all I can do now is just sit and read all about the Isle of Barra and what it has to offer. White sandy beaches? Archaeological sites? An airport runway on the beach? Tick, tick and tick. Plus when you visit the Isle of Barra you’re also well situated for exploring the rest of the Hebrides.


The Mediterranean? Nope, just Scotland. (Image source)

It’s fine. I’m sure me and the cats will have a great time at home…


Both a stunning seaside location and a place for knitwear enthusiasts, the beaches of Cardigan in West Wales are constantly picking up awards for their seaside-ness. Quaint towns brimming with character can be explored, while you can also go on the hunt for dolphins and seals on a boat trip. What more could you possibly want from a seaside?


New Quay, Cardigan Bay (Image source)


Although a few miles out from the beach, Rye in East Sussex is undoubtedly one of the most attractive towns in England. Cobbled streets and medieval buildings make the town the perfect spot for snapping some gorgeous photos ready to make everyone at home green with envy.


Mermaid Street in Rye – I could easily live here. (Image source)

Are there any seaside destinations in the UK you would add to this list?

This post is in collaboration with Park Resorts. However, all opinions – and long-standing obsession with UK seasides – are my own.