Paphos is a cat lover’s heaven. And, if you’re not a fan of cats when you arrive, you’re bound to be by the time you leave.

Cats roam all over the place: by the beach, around the hotel, and even in the thriving old town. I lost count of the number of times I fell in love with a new stray while I was there. Luckily, my friend is also a massive cat lover, so we spent much of the holiday sneaking them pieces of ham from breakfast, buying cat treats from supermarkets, and fussing every single kitty we saw. Oh, and as for evenings out on the town? They were substituted for evenings cruising the area for new cats to snuggle.

Paphos Cats

Here are some of my favourites from the few days we were there, along with the names we gave some of them…

The Hotel Cats

This is BatCat (also known as Zorro by hotel staff…), the first cat we met in Paphos! He took a liking to my friend’s jumper, which was ridiculously fun when we needed to go up to our room…


Bearface – known for, uh, having a face like a teddy bear:

20150511_085735And here’s One Eye – again, ingeniously named for seemingly having only one working eye:

And here are all three cats together, eagerly awaiting some scraps from our breakfast plates.

20150511_092234The Gingers

I have a (huge) soft spot for gingers, so each one we met was met with cries of happiness and promises to take them home with me…

#loveatfirstflight DSC_1228

Here’s our precious Bubba Rattigan who we met on our first evening.Β We returned every day with scraps of food but we never saw his little squishy face again.20150508_175817


20150511_183559The Locals

I call this one Togepi (after the Pokemon character) purely for her little squeaks and head butts.

20150511_180050 20150511_183147 20150511_183330The Ones a Little Further Out

Little Curtains here picked the right time to snuggle up to me – just as I was tucking into a halloumi wrap. He got a feast from me that day…


This little one had a whale of a time trying to get hold of a fish from a local:DSC_1203 DSC_1219

Β Does Paphos look like your sort of place?