Between full-time employment and long bouts of realising just how good Orange is the New Black and Homeland are, I’ve surprised I’ve actually managed to do anything this month.

In fact, I’ve been so busy organising things for the next few months, I’ve actually had to pull out  my diary again to keep track of everything I’m supposed to be doing…so if you make plans with me, please remind me to jot it down.

What I’ve Been Doing

In my last monthly round-up I mentioned I had a surprise planned for my friend’s 30th birthday. Want to know what I did? Well, I met her in our local town with two train tickets to London, plus a scroll revealing her itinerary for the day. We started off with a visit to the new Alice in Wonderland exhibition at the Museum of Childhood, before going to a vegan cafe in East London.

After wandering around the vintage shops and market stalls in Shoreditch, we went up The Shard for a celebratory swig of champagne, where I presented her with a butterfly ring she had been eyeing up in Cyprus (that I had managed to get sent over.) So yeah. We’re basically engaged now.


The rest of the month has been ridiculously chilled (I’m kinda seeing it as the calm before the storm…), with days out in London to places like the Kyoto Garden in Holland Park (below), as well as Notting Hill – I’d highly recommend a visit here if you’re around the capital anytime soon!


Most excitedly, my friend and I sat in the pub one weekend for three hours straight and booked up all the essentials for our two-week tour of America in November! Not only have we got our hotels in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we’ve also booked up our Starlight train up the Californian coast, plus a ‘luxury’ coach transfer from Vegas to LA. Oh, and we couldn’t decide between all the hotels in Vegas, so we’re staying in two…can’t wait to share all the details with you!

What I’ve Been Writing

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What I’ve Been Reading

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Next Month…

[whips out the diary]

Next month is all about the afternoon teas! One at the Sanderson Hotel with other bloggers, another at a Secret Garden in Clapham, and another at the British Museum.

I’ll also be heading out to Sussex to stay in a refurbished Pullman Carriage at The Old Railway StationAs an unabashed train nerd, I seriously cannot wait.

How has your month been? Please let me know in the comments below – I’m always keen to hear about your adventures!