Although it’s a good 116 days until I go to Vegas (definitely not counting or anything), my research is already well underway. I’ve booked up my hotels and transfers to LA, meaning my attention has now turned to sorting out, well, absolutely everything else. And because I’m so determined to see absolutely everything while I’m out there, I’ve been on the look-out for handy little pocket tech that’ll make my life easier while I’m out there and help me keep organised. Yep, I’m that sensible, I’m organising being organised. BREATHES.


Vegas Cash Card

A safe way to take care of your finances while you’re in Vegas, the Vegas Cash Card is one thing that I’m sure will prove handy on numerous occasions. It’s not linked to your bank account at all; you merely transfer your budget to the card, and you can use it in Vegas to pay for items in shops and restaurants, all without transaction fees. You can even use the card to draw out cash.


The big bonus for the Vegas Cash Card is that it also gives you plenty of discounts on must-see/do sights, from various musicals to the Mob Museum and Big Bus tours. Plus it can be used anywhere in the world where the MasterCard® symbol is shown – perfect if you’re planning on doing a multi-city American tour!


Hotel Apps

Many of the hotels have their own app and, if the size of the buildings are anything to go buy, they’re an absolute lifeline. I’ve already downloaded the Venetian Hotel’s app, and already I can see just how helpful the map, shopping info and restaurant reservations service will be! Who knew one hotel could have so much in it?! App

Available for both Android and Apple phones, the official app gives you the power to do a heap of stuff with just a few clicks. Book a hotel room, organise tours and keep up-to-date with all the goings-on on the strip.

Viator App

Many of the tours I’m planning on taking are available via – everything from food tours to evening shows and limo rides. Because I’m trying to streamline my organisation folder (yes, this actually exists) as much as possible, the Viator app is a godsend as you can just flash your voucher on your phone to your tour guide.

VIP Dine For Less Card

Hands up who likes eating? And who likes cheap food? Eating is something I’m very much planning on doing a lot of in Vegas. The VIP Dine For Less card costs £12, is valid for up to four people and gives you up to 25% off your food bill at over 40 restaurants. Hello starters and desserts. Currency App
This app proved invaluable during my visit to New York, quickly converting without the need for Wi-Fi. And when you do hook up to the Wi-Fi, the app will update to reflect the latest exchange rates, making it super easy to get an idea of just how much that new dress/tacky souvenir piece/extra drink will cost while you’re out and about.Screenshot_2015-07-11-22-30-21

Tip Calculator

Despite obtaining an A* in GCSE Maths, working out 15% of a £16.28 food bill always throws me (especially after a couple of drinks). This tip calculator app is perfect because all you need to do is input how much the bill is, how many people there are and how much of a tip you want to put down.

Oh, and if you’re unsure of how much to tip, have a read of this article from Trek America.


Do you have any handy tips up your sleeve for Vegas? Please share in the comments section below!

This post is in collaboration with Vegas Cash Card. However, all views, opinions and slightly bordering-on-obsessive planning are my own.