With 2016 just around the corner, it’s time to look back at the highs and lows of 2015. I personally love a good round-up piece, so that’s why I thought it would be a grand idea to look back at my top 10 posts of the year – i.e., the most-visited blog posts that you guys seemed to like!

10. 6 Stupid Mistakes I Made In Paphos

Top 10 posts: Stupid Mistakes I made in Paphos

So, it turns out that you guys like a bit of schadenfreude. How else could you explain this post about all my stupid mistakes in Paphos making it into the top 10? It’s cool though. Hopefully it helps one or two of you avoid heading into Paphos Town on a Sunday when everything’s closed, or panicking that you’ve caught rabies from the stray cats.

9. A Foodie Retreat At The Black Swan, Helmsley

Top 10 posts: The Black Swan, Helmsley

Oh boy. I can’t actually believe that this trip was this year! It feels like ages ago that I was exploring the picturesque town of Helmsley, snapping away at all the quaint bridges, stone-walled buildings and historic ruins. I still maintain it’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in the UK!

8. My Next Trip – to Dumfries, Scotland!

Top 10 posts: Dumfries with Visit Scotland

This was the first of two Dumfries articles to make my top 10. There must be some real Scotland-enthusiasts out there! Not that I can blame you. To this day, it remains one of my favourite countries. And I think my boyfriend was suitably impressed too with his first visit to the land of kilts and haggis when we went along on a press trip with Visit Scotland! I hardly knew anything about Dumfries before I arrived, but it was a real gem: beautiful snowy mountains, the most amazing 5* accommodation, and endless events for Burns Night.

7. 5 Things To Expect When You Go Away With A Travel Blogger

Top 10 posts: What to expect when you go away with a travel blogger

Big shout out to my bezzie Helen for writing this piece on just what to expect when you go away with a travel blogger. Probably one of my favourite articles on this site ever!

6. 10 Must-See London Christmas Sights in 2015

Top 10 posts: Christmas in London

This is one of the most recent articles I’ve written, and it’s already made it into the top 6 of the most viewed posts of the year! Definitely shows what a touch of SEO magic can do for you (thank you new job for teaching me what the hell meta descriptions/alt tags are!). When I came back from America I was absolutely stoked to see how Christmassy London was. So I couldn’t resist a day trudging round all the Christmas sights…

5. I Spent A Night In a London Prison Cell With Clink78

Top 10 posts: Prison cell in Clink78

…remind me why I had to point out my feet in this picture? Seriously?

Completely forgot that Clink78 was earlier this year! It was…an experience and a half. Definitely one of the quirkiest places in central London if you have a strict budget. Definitely not for those who have to get up at 7am the next morning for work.

4. Top 5 Things To Do In Cologne

Top 10 posts: top 5 things to do in Cologne

My (roughly) 24 hours in Cologne earlier this year was jam-packed with sightseeing. Luckily I had the help of one of my best mates, Lisa, who knows the city well. She also advised me not to climb the Cologne Cathedral. I ignored her. I shouldn’t have. Still…recovering.

3. 12 Travel Instagram Pages You Should Be Following

Top 10 posts: 12 travel Instagram pages you should  be following

2015 was definitely the year of Instagram for me. I love nothing more than spending my commute flicking through my feed in search of travel inspiration. It seems that you lot sort of agree with me, as this list of the must-view Instagram pages was one of the most popular posts of the year! Hope it introduced you to some new bloggers.

2. A Visit to London Cat Village: The Capital’s Latest Cat Cafe

Top 10 posts: London Cat Village

CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS CATS. Genuinely surprised I actually managed to spring a (semi) comprehensible blog post together on this.

1. 8 Things I Loved About Dumfries and Galloway

Top 10 posts: 8 Things I Loved About Dumfries and Galloway

By far my most viewed post of 2015 was this one – all about my trip to Scotland! Somehow this post got picked up and shared on Facebook by a Dumfries and Galloway group. And then that resulted in many members sharing the post, evidently pleased that an outsider such as me absolutely loved the region!

Thanks for reading along in 2015, everyone! Here’s to the next 12 months…