It really amazed me just how well I adapted into the American way of life in just 14 days. Before I knew it I was asking where the restrooms were, and I was lapping up the gargantuan portion sizes that, at home, would probably have left me in need of a trip to A&E.

But there was still a lot about America that really blew my mind. I’m sure a lot of you will have seen this insanely popular post about what an American noticed about England on a recent trip. As a little bit of fun, I thought I would reverse the roles. So here we go: these are my very own observations about America!

The Cosy Traveller gives her observations about America

1. Everything is so convenient – like, card machines in cabs?! So simple, yet so beautiful. *Sheds tear*

2. In the state of California, they’re very keen to tell you about every single thing that could potentially cause you serious diseases maybe sometime in the future.

3. Tipping. Tipping everyone. Taxi drivers, coach drivers, valet staff. You’re even supposed to tip people you never see, like your hotel maids. Does no one in America get paid?!

4. You may have the exact change for that bag of crisps marked up as $1.39, but it’s definitely not $1.39. At the till they’ll add on a seemingly random number and call it ‘tax’, and you’ll be left fumbling around the bottom of your bag for extra coins.

5. Why does America need a $1 bill and a $1 coin?

6. Air-con can be found in literally every place you go into. Even in winter.

7. WiFi is also absolutely everywhere. You can even check-in at Alcatraz!

Observations about America: there's WiFi EVERYWHERE.

8. So many news channels, I just didn’t know what to do with them. (In the end I just switched over to Nickelodeon instead.)

9. America really knows how to do trashy reality TV. While in the UK we may have TOWIE, in the US they have Storage Hunters and Million Dollar Listing. Basically, never sit down to watch TV when you’re in America, because it’ll be days before you can break away it. It’s incredible.

10. Double decker trains are a thing, and they are everything I ever dreamed of.

Observations about America: The Amtrak double decker trains are so beautiful!

11. Oh, there’s a green light? Nah, you could still get run over. Cars just keep on coming no matter what colour’s up there.

12. Literally everyone wants to know how your day is going, which is pretty lovely. Not so lovely when they just give you a soulless ‘Ariiiiite!’ and walk off.

13. Does a healthy salad actually exist? Every single salad I ordered was smothered in balsamic vinegar. My body was practically made up of 80% vinegar at one point.

14. America really does have the saltiest chips, but it also has incredible pink lemonade.

15. It really is a place of extremes: it’s either completely obsessed with healthy eating, or completely obsessed with fast food.

16. The fast food always tastes better though. Unless you’re a vegetarian and at In-N-Out Burger.

17. What’s with the massive gap between the toilet restroom floor and the door?! And don’t even get me started on the amount of water in the toilets…

Observations about America: what's going on with the toilet door gaps?!


18. Anyone can get a medical marijuana card. Especially at Venice Beach.

19. People will look at you confused when you say ‘plaster’ instead of ‘band aids’, and ‘knackered’ instead of tired.

20. Cheesecake Factory is officially the best thing known to man. Why are they not everywhere?

Observations about America: Cheesecake Factory is the best thing in the world. Ever.

Those are my observations about America – are there any others you would add to the list?