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There’s something about winter that really fills me with so much excitement. From cosy evenings snuggled under the duvet, to warm socks and cats looking for snuggles, winter basically involves every favourite thing in my life.

Just before Christmas, I was invited by Ocean Loans to take part in a Winter Polaroid Pictures project, celebrating all things wintry around the home. With the aid of a Fujifilm Instant Camera (which I absolutely LOVE by the way, and can’t wait to take to Copenhagen with me in a few weeks!), I had a simple mission: to take photos of things around my house that sum up winter for me.

Unfortunately, there was no snow down in Essex so I couldn’t get that all exciting shot of a winter wonderland in my garden. But I did manage to take the following:

polaroids1 (1)

1. Keeping warm with a cup of tea

My tea intake, already at dangerously high levels for most of the year, seems to sky rocket when winter rolls round. This particular cup of New York is one of my favourites, bought for me by my boyfriend’s parents one Christmas. It’s definitely seen plenty of use over the years, let me tell you…

2. Jim and Ralph snuggled up in my bed

It’s very rare for my two ginger boys to cuddle up together. And it’s even rarer for me to be within sitting distance of a camera when it happens. Thankfully I managed to capture this picture right before I had to shoot off for work. A part of me was a little bit envious that day when I slipped out into the freezing cold while they were huddled up together on my bed…

3. Ugly feet in front of the fire

Our house has a habit of getting ridiculously cold in the winter. So nothing beats curling up by our sitting room heater for some mid-morning roasting.

polaroids14. Mobile phone selfies are so 2015

Who needs a mobile phone selfie when you’ve got a Polaroid camera? I couldn’t resist taking a snapshot of my winter wardrobe (complete with dyed brown hair for the cold season). When winter rolls round I love to layer up with scarves, cardigans, tights, everything!

5. A perfect day in bed

These gorgeous bed socks were one of the gifts from my boyfriend this Christmas – and they’re so ridiculously comfortable that prising them off my feet is like hell personified. Cosying up with tea and a good travel book is the best way to start your day off right. Or, indeed, a good way to spend a whole day.

6. Jim and Ralph. Again.

Oh Jim, you magnificent, spectacular creature. He loves a good picture. And I couldn’t resist this one of him and baby Ralph. I have to admit, one of the reasons why I adore winter so much is because the cats spend a heck of a lot more time indoors, snuggled up on my bed. Nothing beats getting home to find your favourite little fluffballs waking up from an afternoon nap on your pillows!

What do you love about winter?