Oh my gosh I am almost too scared to write this post. Mainly because I am too scared to admit to myself just how much I paid during my two weeks travelling around Vegas, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And also because I’m scared my mum will read this. Hey, it’s better than spending it all on drinks and drugs, isn’t it, mum? Mum?

During my two-week tour of the West Coast of America last November, I was there with just one intention: I don’t want to go home having missed out on the chance to see something. This was, for me at least, the trip of a lifetime, so I made sure that my friend and I managed to squeeze in every last activity we could possibly find.

how much does a tour of west coast america cost?

My reason in publishing my costs is to give you a rough idea of how much such a trip would cost. It’ll also give you an idea of where you could save costs, or what you could leave out in order to save a bit of money.

Disclaimer: All of the below costs were paid for out of my own pocket; I accepted no travel perks throughout the two weeks! How did I afford it? I saved and saved and saved every last penny between March and November 2015 – approximately 8 months’ wages! Not to mention my return flights were purchased in April using savings I already had, which helped MASSIVELY.

Hope this gives you a good indication of how much to budget if you’re thinking of a similar trip!


Return flights to America (into Vegas and out of San Francisco) with Virgin Atlantic: £674 per person
Las Vegas Monorail day pass: £8.33
Luxury Coach transport from Vegas to Los Angeles: £57.52 per person
Single LA Metro ticket: £1.21
Train from Los Angeles to San Francisco: £84.69 per person
Transfer from hotel to San Francisco airport: £12

TOTAL: £837.75


2 nights at The Luxor hotel, Vegas: £176/2 = £88 per person
3 nights at the Venetian Hotel, Vegas: £542/2 = £271 per person
1 night at USA Hollywood Hostel: £182.01/2 = £91 per person
(NOTE: We got charged for a second night at the Hostel because we decided to move to another hotel)
3 nights at DoubleTree by Hilton Los Angeles Downtown: £431.10/2 = £215.55 per person
5 nights at Hotel Zephyr, San Francisco: £760.10/2 = £380.05 per person

TOTAL: £1,045.60

how much does a tour of west coast america cost?

ACTIVITIES (all prices per person)

Britney Spears live: £98.69
Ticket up the Stratosphere Observation Tower: £13.88
Neon Museum tour: £12.49
Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam Day Trip with Skywalk: £98.22
Valley of Fire day trip: £98.18
The High Roller at The LINQ: £15.53
Titanic Exhibition: £22.21
LA day tour: £49.45
Universal Studios VIP Entry: £97.56
Alcatraz night tour: £26.38
Yosemite day trip with lunch: £107.13
Bike hire to cycle across the Golden Gate bridge: £22.21
Sausalito/Muir Woods, Giant Redwoods half-day trip: £35.32
Coit Tower entry: £5.55
KitTea Cat Cafe entry: £13.88
Entry to Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden & Dolphin Habitat: £15.27


how much does a tour of west coast america cost?


Grand Canyon Skywalk Pictures: £67.78/2 = £33.89 per person
Souvenirs and Christmas presents: £279.22 (whoops)
Vegas Starbucks: £3.53
LA Starbucks: £3.61

TOTAL: £320.25


(Exclusions: Taxi fares, tips, and food. We probably spent around £347.08 ($500) on food altogether)

Is this amount more or less than you were thinking? Does this break-down help with your own plans?