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After a poor experience at the Copenhagen cat cafe in February, I was a little hesitant about visiting the Budapest cat cafe. Living in London – home to Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium and the Cat Village – we’re pretty spoilt when it comes to exceptional cat cafes.

But, after around 3 days in Budapest without seeing a single cat, I couldn’t NOT visit its cat cafe. I needed cat cuddles. And a good cup of tea.

The Budapest Cat Cafe (handily named Cat Cafe Budapest so you won’t forget…) sits just off Bajcsy-Zsilinszky utca 16, a long street found behind the Hungarian Parliament Building. One of the best bits about it is the fact it’s open from 8am until 8pm, so you can slip in for a mid-morning snack or an evening relax. We decided to spend a few hours in there before we caught our train to Prague, which gave us time to unwind.

The first thing I’ll say is: definitely book in advance.

We’re not talking weeks or months ahead. But definitely reserve a table the day before you want to visit. Because every time we walked past the cafe it was absolutely PACKED. You don’t want to go in, stare wistfully at the cats that will just have to wait for another day, and then leave. It’s crushing.

Luckily, when we did pop in for our sitting, the cafe was super quiet. We chose the table next to the sleeping ginger (obviously), and ordered our drinks (hot chocolate for Ian, orange juice for me) and paninis.

Budapest Cat Cafe

Eating was a fun experience. At every cat cafe we go to, we always seem to get a cat up on our table searching for a bite to eat. This visit was no exception!

Budapest Cat Cafe

The menu was ridiculously cheap – as with everywhere in Budapest – so there’s no need to worry about cost. You could even push the boat out and try one of the cafe’s delicious cakes! Which we didn’t.

Budapest Cat Cafe


After successfully finishing our food, it was time to explore the cat cafe. There are two giant rooms downstairs, plus a loft area upstairs. Oh, and there’s also a toilet area on the very bottom floor, so there are lots of places for the cats to hide. Each area, though, is so cosy and created with the cats in mind. There are toys, beds, scratching posts, shelves everywhere. It’s easily one of the best use of space I’ve seen in any cat cafe that I’ve been to!

Budapest Cat Cafe Budapest Cat Cafe Budapest Cat Cafe Budapest Cat Cafe

The Budapest cat cafe has nine kitties to snuggle, and they’re all absolutely delightful in their own way. And they all really, REALLY love radiators.

Budapest Cat Cafe

Budapest Cat Cafe

And chairs.

Budapest Cat Cafe

And basically anywhere they can fit into.

Budapest Cat Cafe

But, we all know that I love a good ginger. And this was no exception at the Budapest cat cafe. Meet Azúr – supposedly a Maine Coon, but more like a half-tiger, half-cat hybrid. 

Budapest Cat CafeMajestic doesn’t even cover it. He was glorious. He especially loved sitting on top of his cat house, surveying his kingdom and all who dared to trespass.

One of the things I absolutely loved about the Budapest cat cafe was the fact that you could even order (off the menu, no less!) a bag of treats to feed the cats. These are limited to one per table, and there was one cat you couldn’t feed them too because he was a massive fatty. But seriously, if you’re a cat lover and you’re a bit miffed as to why the cats aren’t flocking to your side, definitely get some of these treats. They effectively turn you into a Hungarian Snow White.

Budapest Cat Cafe

Pretty sure that’s my most happiest moment in life caught on camera.

All You Need to Know:

Cat Cafe Budapest
Address: 1065 Budapest, Révay u. 3.
Nearest metro station: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út
Open seven days a week

Have you been to Budapest’s cat cafe? Would you like to visit?