Wouldn’t it be great if there was a gadget that could just sort your entire life out?

I’m not talking about a gadget that can magically make money reappear in your bank account, provide you with a small furry animal every time you’re sad, or always make sure that there’s milk in the fridge for your morning cuppa.

I’m talking about a gadget that sorts out all those niggly things in life. Like when you’ve lost your car, can’t find your keys, misplaced your phone or you can’t reach the shutter photo on your camera when you’re taking a selfie. (We’ve all been there, right?)

Introducing the iHere 3.0: a handy triangular little rechargeable item locator that fits in the palm of your hand. And, quite simply, it’s the must-have gadget you never knew you actually needed.

iHere3 review

Life with an iHere 3.0

When nonda, the company behind the iHere 3.0, offered me the chance to review the gadget, I was immediately intrigued. Mainly because the gadget fulfilled all the functions in my life that, up until then, I hadn’t actually realised were such an issue.

For instance, how many times have I put down my phone in the house somewhere (on silent), and then spent the next 3 hours looking for it?! And how many times have I struggled to take a selfie on my phone while out and about, simultaneously giving my thumb a workout as it reaches around to press that shutter button on the screen?!

The fact that one small gadget could do so many things blew my mind. Heck, it’s even got the option to record voice memos. What kind of actual tech sorcery is this!

Using the iHere 3.0

The iHere 3.0 works via an app on your phone, all using bluetooth. Given the name of the product, I was slightly worried that it was an iPhone-only accessory, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found the iHere app in the Google Play store (free, of course).

Before you can start using your iHere 3.0, you need to charge it up using a USB cable. Within an hour mine was fully charged up and ready to go. Then, it was simply a case of connecting it to the bluetooth on your phone via the simple push of a button, and off we went.

The iHere 3.0 works by attaching itself to something, like your keyring. From then on, whenever you need to find your keys, simply click the ‘Find’ tab on the app, and the iHere 3.0 will screech. Loudly. (Yep, definitely don’t recommend trying that out for the first time at work…like me.)


iHere3 review

(Side note: if nonda could create a gadget that leads you to an actual real life duck billed platypus, that would be AMAZING.)

And the ‘Click’ tab along the bottom of the app makes it easy to select which function you want to use thanks to four user-friendly buttons.


Each of these four buttons are useful in their own particular way (unless you’re me and don’t drive. In which case that’s pretty redundant for now…), but you need to make sure the mode you want to be in is selected before you go to use it in that mode. For instance, say I wanted to find my ‘cell phone’ – I would have to ensure that that mode was selected in the app, so that when I pressed the button on the iHere 3.0, my phone would ring (even if it’s on silent, which is a fantastic feature!). It’s a great idea, but you really have to make sure that you remember to select the mode you want – because once you’ve misplaced your phone, it’s way too late to change the setting on the app!

The ‘Voice Recorder’ is a handy little addition. Simply by pressing the iHere 3.0’s button, you’re able to record what’s going on around you, with the file being stored straight to your phone. I tried it out on my own voice and it was slightly muffly. However, I could imagine myself loving this feature when I’m travelling and wanting to record the sounds of a particular area without whipping my phone out and looking really obvious.

Another of the great features is the ‘Selfie’ mode. You can use your phone’s camera as usual, but using the iHere 3.0’s button to snap the photo you’re after, just like a little remote control.


Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 21.16.53

 (Another side note: it’s also a great way to snap a photo of your mates without them realising. Oh gahd, please don’t kill me, guys.)

One other great thing about the app is that it tells you how much battery the iHere 3.0 has left. Impressively, 12 hours after charging it up, mine was still on 98%! Got to love a gadget that doesn’t need too much upkeep.

Using the iHere 3.0 on your travels

Obviously the iHere 3.0 has a neat little function in every-day life, but what really drew me to it was its ability to make our travels a lot easier. For instance, you could attach your iHere 3.0 to your baggage so you could find it at any given moment. Let’s not even mention the selfie mode, which will undoubtedly make my travel selfies a lot easier to take…

Got to love a good tech gadget

The iHere 3.0 makes your life easier with the push of one button. Literally. There are a few things I’d like to see updated (like English phrasings, and maybe an easier way to toggle between the modes without the mobile app), but it’s definitely a gadget that I’ll use again and again!

If you want to try it out for yourself, the iHere 3.0 is priced at $19.99 on the nonda website, but UK shoppers may want to pick one up on Amazon.co.uk to avoid those pesky US postage fees.

What do you think – is the iHere 3.0 a gadget you could do with? Let me know in the comments below!

Many thanks to nonda for supplying me with a iHere 3.0 for the purposes of this review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.