In many different ways March has been a month of transformation – but a bit more on that a little later on…

First thing’s first: my March travels!

My Travels

As part of my 25th birthday celebrations I travelled to Budapest and Prague with my lovely boyfriend (via a train journey through Slovakia…definitely need to return there at some point to see more than just fields and train tracks). Both Budapest and Prague were cities I’d wanted to visit for so long, so it made sense to combine them.

Oh, and we also got delayed on the way out there because of all the fog. But it was OK in the end – the Easyjet pilots opened up the flight deck for everyone! *excited squeal*

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 13.54.59

Ever since I’ve been back, people have been asking me which city I prefer. And that’s such an impossible question to answer, mainly due to the fact they both felt so different. Budapest felt a little more off the beaten track, while Prague was full of large groups of tourists at every corner. But then again, Prague was a lot more charming than Budapest thanks to its quaint cobbled streets and colourful medieval buildings. I can’t choose, I loved them both!

One thing I will say though – we were spoilt with our choice of accommodation in both cities!

In Budapest I popped my Airbnb cherry – and what an apartment to have on my first booking! Seriously, if I could move in to this apartment I would.


And in Prague we Czech-ed (sorry) into Residence Agnes, a hotel currently sitting at the top of TripAdvisor. It’s a small, friendly hotel where the staff can’t help you enough. It was also painfully romantic – just look at our gorgeous room! (It later transpired we had been given the honeymoon suite, win!)


A month of transformation

I said up above that March has been a month of transformation, and I meant it!

I’ve gone from a couch-loving, microwave meal-eating exercise-a-phobe, to someone who goes running four times a week and makes healthy nutritious meals from scratch.

Seriously. What has happened to me?!

It’s obviously paying off as I’ve already lost a stone, and I’m feeling much more energetic! I’ve also lost about £100 thanks to having to buy fancy trainers to support my weird flat feet. Oh, and a bright pink jacket. Just because.

There are a few reasons for this big change: firstly, I’m the first to admit I’ve put on a few stone over the last few years. Plus, while hiking up Budapest’s Citadella I realised just how unfit I really was…! My friend offered to help by putting together some meal plans for me. As the weight started to drop off, I’ve taken up exercising to get myself moving a bit more, and to help improve various health conditions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 14.01.57

(Not related, but I realised this post didn’t have a picture of a cat in it. So meet one of the cats from the Budapest cat cafe!)

Side note: if you too have a tendency to suffer from bouts of anxiety/depression, I cannot recommend exercise enough! It feels great to just get outside, on your own, with nothing to do other than focus on putting one foot in front of the other.

This change has spread into other parts of my life too, where I’ve endeavoured to declutter my digital and physical lifestyle. I’ve been sorting out my room, attempting to chuck away anything that I never use. And I’ve also cleaned up my personal Facebook page, deleting people that I’ve barely spoken to or who just don’t bring anything to my life – I’m now all about surrounding myself with the people that matter!

I’ve also started to put my phone away more often and read a lot more. In the last week I’ve finished reading Man’s Search For Meaning, a book written by a prisoner of Auschwitz concentration camp during WWII. I’ve really missed that feeling of looking forward to a good sit down and a long read!

It may all found a bit drastic, but seriously – I feel much better for doing all of this!

Has anyone else done a life detox? I’d love to know how yours went!

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Did you fall for my April Fools’ joke?

My phone kept buzzing on April 1 with notifications from people who had fallen for my April Fools’ joke…

Alas, I am not moving to Australia for a “special project” (which in my head I had dreamt up to be some sort of koala cuddling exercise!). But I have got an exciting April ahead of me nonetheless….

What’s happening in April

At the end of the month I’m flying out to my 4th country of the year – Monaco! I’ll be heading out for a few nights with my best mate. We’re hoping for beautiful weather, but hey – as long as the casinos are open we’ll be happy. (Yeah, may have got a bit obsessed with casinos in Vegas…)


How was March for you? Have you got much coming up in April?