Now, before we get any further let’s clear this up, as I know a few friends and family members will be reading this.

I am not engaged. But I am a hopeless romantic who cries at the mere mention of The Notebook. So, when I was asked by Flight Centre to write about my ideal honeymoon destination, I couldn’t really say no.

Any excuse to look at gorgeous photos of my dream honeymoon destination without getting weird looks, eh?

Romantic spots in Cancun

My choice of honeymoon destination might sound a little weird because, let’s face it, Cancun does have a bit of a reputation for being a bit of a Spring Break party city – hardly the type of place you’d think to head to with your beloved. But I absolutely think it deserves more recognition as a romantic destination. After all, with its dreamy beaches, spicy Mexican vibe and natural wonders, it’s got all the foundations of somewhere that’s really, really amorous.

So, where could honeymooners head to for a slice of romance? These would be my first ports of call…

National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos

romantic spots in Cancun

Note: not a bird from the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos. But it’ll do.

As the second-largest coral reef in the world – just behind one in Australia or somewhere – the National Reef Park of Puerto Morelos is worth a visit whether you’re on honeymoon or not. In Puerto Morelos the reef is closer to the shore than anywhere else. As it’s a protected area you won’t be able to wade out from the shore, though, so make sure you book a snorkel or dive with the proper guides. I’ve yet to go snorkelling anywhere in the world, but the colourful coral reefs and fish of this gorgeously exotic area makes me think it’s a great place to change that!

Le Blanc Spa

The 5* Le Blanc Spa Resort is probably a trifle out of my price range, but I would try my utmost to get me a spot in the beautiful on-site spa. And my new husband, I guess. (But mainly me)

There are three indoor couples suites with a private double jacuzzi, steam and sauna. And the option to add a massage, wrap, facial, scrub…. At anywhere between $500-$1288 it’s not cheap. But you’re pretty much guaranteed to be walking on clouds when you leave!

Horse Riding on the Beach

Sweaty, competitive horse riding isn’t necessarily the first thing people consider when they think ‘romance in Cancun’. Yet it can be romantic, trust me! My research churned out the Bonanza Rancho Ecoturstico wedding experienceLoved ones can enjoy a horse ride along the beach while a photographer grabs those sensational pictures. Cheesy? Nah. If anything, it’ll definitely liven up your wedding photo album.

Lobster Dinner Cruise


The Lobster Dinner Cruise is consistently named across the web as one of the most romantic things you could possibly do in Cancun. And I can kind of see why: a sunset boat trip with live sax music and delicious meals? Sign me up right this instance! And veggies, like myself, will rejoice – there’s a whole vegetarian menu to sink your teeth into, hurrah!

Tulum Beaches

Romantic spots in Cancun

Tulum, with its bohemian vibes and picture-perfect beaches, has quickly become my idea of absolute paradise. It’s well worth the one-hour 40-minute (according to Google maps…) car journey down there to bask in its romantic atmosphere.

Nichupte Lagoon Wildlife Tour

A sunset tour of Nichupte Lagoon is one of the most romantic things I can think to do in Cancun. Not only does the tour give you the chance to get up-close-and-personal with mangrove birds and crocodiles, there’s also the small matter of some pretty spectacular colourful sunsets. It gives you the opportunity to see a different side to Cancun – one that’s a little quieter and more serene!

Tour of Tulum’s ancient Mayan Site with an Archaeologist

Romantic spots in Cancun

They say that intelligence is sexy, right? That’s why I could not pass up a private tour of Tulum’s ancient Mayan sites. With an archaeologist in tow, of course – because if you’re going to go for it, you might as well do it properly! This tour from Viator may be pricey, but it would be my first choice. There’s nothing better than having the opportunity to visit ancient ruins first thing in the morning (like that time I hiked up to the Acropolis of Athens during sunrise!) away from all the pesky crowds.

Now it’s over to you – where would your perfect honeymoon be?

 This blog was written in collaboration with the folks at Flight Centre. However, all thoughts, opinions and obsession with Cancun is entirely my own.