Ooh, it’s lovely to be back blogging again. Has it really been a month since I last published anything? I refuse to believe it actually has but, alas, it looks like life has got in the way again.

Let’s take a look at my September, shall we?


Travel and London Adventures

As you know, my feet are firmly on the ground at the moment because of my family situation. I actually turned down a work trip to LA – slightly gutting, but I 100% stand by my decision not to go. Despite my mum telling me that I should have grabbed it with both hands, I think we both knew that I would just have been worrying the entire time I was there, especially with the huge time difference. I’ve had a lot of lovely people asking how mum is (thank you so much <3). I’m so, so proud of her for how she’s dealt with everything so far. Both of us have our good days and our bad days, but we take it as it comes, helping each other stay as positive as possible when needed. That’s how it’s been for the last 25 years, anyway – love her to absolute pieces.

But just because I’m not jetting off on a plate, that doesn’t mean I’m not getting my fill of adventures. I’ve been living vicariously through my friends’ travels to Lanzarote and Kos, and my boyfriend went back to Prague with his mates so he could try all the Czech cocktails and beer.

My boyfriend and I have taken to exploring a new London neighbourhood every week or so, taking in the quirky sights, the bars, the pubs, the dogs… A few weeks ago we did Dalston (amazingly hip, I love it SO MUCH), and the other day we did Old Street. I think my favourite place we’ve ‘discovered’ so far has to be Draughts, the Board Game cafe in Haggerston. So-so food, but the variety of games available to play is just incredible. And a pug dog turned up so the whole experience was an 11/10.



If anyone has any suggestions for other London neighbourhoods to explore, please send them in!

Freelancin’ Life

One of the reasons why I’ve been a bit erratic with this blog recently is because of all my freelancing. I went freelance back in July so that I could be around a lot more for mum, but I do like to keep busy; especially in the evenings when my mind goes into overdrive with worries. As well as my 9-6 job writing for a food/travel social media company and TV network, I’m also doing some odd copywriting bits and travel guides. All very exciting, very diverse and I’m loving it! (And, of course, if you’re looking for someone to bring some writing flair to your company, email me at emilycharlotteray[@]gmail.com – OK, massive plug over…). So yes, I’ve been a little run off my feet with everything, but it’s nothing an episode or two of Narcos hasn’t been able to fix!

– Another bonus of freelancing: more time with these two babes.

Other Stuff

It’s been an absolute blur since mum’s diagnosis back in May. We’ve been dealing with a whirlwind of paperwork and medication – and we couldn’t have done much without the support and guidance of Macmillan. So, to give a little something back, we decided to put on a small cake sale as part of the charity’s World Biggest Coffee Morning. We made dozens of cakes (I was up until 2am baking – and half of them were still raw the next door, OMG I can’t bake). But we must have done something right as we raised over £530! I was completely blown away by everybody’s generosity. I thought about 5 people would turn up but neighbours we’d never met were just popping in to help out in any way they could. People are lovely.


On top of that, I was absolutely over-the-moon to be picked as one of Vicky Flip Flop‘s favourite travel bloggers in the latest issue of Blogosphere. Seeing my name, photos and copy all in one of the industry’s top magazines had me floating on air for days. A great confidence boost, just when I needed one!



Moving on to my plans for October – and it’s another fairly relaxed one! Except this month it’s going to be all about the revising as I’m officially (at the age of 25) learning how to drive. Terrifying. Wish me luck?

I’ll also be going away for a few nights with mum to Norwich. We’ve decided on having a few days away together and we’re determined it’s going to be wonderful. Just us, lots of sleeping, eating and meeting up with our friends. I’m also looking forward to getting in a few runs along the River Wensum. Much more scenic than my local route around random roads.

Image from Flickr’s Creative Commons

Oh, and talking about running, here’s some exciting news: I’ve finally reached my 10 stone goal! I’ve written all about trying to lose those pesky 49 pounds before, but it feels so odd to say I’m officially lighter (and, more importantly, healthier!) than I was when I was 18. More on that coming soon, along with a pretty awesome giveaway…

What did you get up to in September? Do you have any exciting plans for the next month? Let me know in the comments below!