I’ve written before about my love-hate relationship with Germany, mainly because I’ve been trying to master the German language for around 14 years now and it’s just not happening.

Despite my inability to grasp German grammar, I’m a firm believer than Germany is one of the most incredible countries out there. You’ve got big cities, mountains of history, actual mountains, lakes…the possibilities are endless.

Over the years I’ve been to Germany three times: to Berlin, Cologne and Göttingen. The latter of these three is a place particularly close to my heart because it’s where one of my best friends from uni lives. But it’s somewhere that very few people of heard of, especially here in the UK. For this reason, it was a no-brainer when it came to choosing a place to write about for GoEuro’s latest piece of 7 Cities in Germany That Will Surprise You.


So which cities in Germany will actually surprise you?

Chances are you’ve heard of all the usual suspects (Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg…). But this latest GoEuro blog suggests a few places that, until now, may well have been skating under your radar.

Melanie from melaniefontaine.com suggests Heidelberg (yep, I’d never heard of that one until now, oops), while Rothenburg is now well and truly on my list thanks to Laura and Lance’s (from Travel Addicts) suggestions of things to do…helloooo Medieval Crime Museum.

Of course, I’ll always be rootin’ for fine old Göttingen. Has anyone else been there?

Göttingen in Germany

One of my first Instagram photos from my visit to Göttingen back in 2012!

Where would you recommend in Germany?

Even though I’m constantly finding new places in Germany I want to visit, you can never have too many! Let me know your favourite German destination in the comments below!