As much as I dream about hitting the open road with my ginger cats Jim and Ralph, I’ve got to admit they’re about as adventurous as Coldplay’s latest album.* Their days are spent curled up on the bed downstairs, and their evenings are spent curled up on my bed upstairs, so they’re really living the cat dream.

(*Disclaimer: I love a bit of Coldplay really. Promise.)

One of my biggest guilty pleasures on Instagram at the moment is following travelling animals – dogs, cats, hedgehogs and more that tag along with their owner’s adventures both home and abroad. Here are a few of my favourites so far…

1. Adventures of Fish and Chips

Meet Fish and Chips: adventure cats, and owners of the greatest names EVER. The kitties join their owners on all their trips, from week-long holidays to smaller errands around the local area. They currently live in Vancouver Island, where there’s plenty of exciting spots for them to explore!

2. Mr. Pokee

Oh. My. Gosh. One look at Mr. Pokee’s Instagram feed and you’ll be filled with travel envy. The pics show this adorable ball of fluff (spikes?) in destinations including Copenhagen, Norway and Germany.

3. Exploration Cat

According to her Instagram bio, this exploration cat is a ‘ruler of the meowtaqins’. Considering the number of mountains I’ve climbed is zero, it’s very likely this cat is fitter than me.

4. Mango The Adventure Cat

Climbing over logs, SUP’ing, trudging through snow: Mango the cat has done it all. This fearless moggie lives in Michigan and loves nothing more than tagging along on hikes and camping trips.

5. Aspen The Mountain Pup

Aspen’s got the perfect name for a pup that’s all about the mountains. His Instagram is absolutely stunning – if you’re not following him already, you should be! A Golden Retriever living in the mountains of Colorado, this pup is often found camping, jumping into lakes and posing for the camera with that gorgeous little face.

6. Millie the Adventure Cat

Contemplating existence.

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Millie landed on her feet when she was adopted by her owner at an adoption centre in Utah. Now they spend their weekends heading out on camping adventures, where Millie loves to climb all the rocks in sight.

7. Traveling Chapati

Talk about travelling the world – Chapati is more well-travelled than most people I know! Little Chapati was found in Fort Kochi by travellers Kristina Masalova and Eugene Petrus, and now she’s an official ‘professional traveling dog’. She’s travelled all over India, to Thailand, and to Nepal, and the couple plan to take her home to Ukraine with them if they return.

8. Miami the Chihuahua

Named the world’s most travelled dog by Condé Nast Traveller, Miami the chihuahua has been to New York, Santorini, Rome, the Grand Canyon…and, of course, Miami.

9. Burma the Adventure Cat

Burma in tomcat form by our friend and cat photographer extraordinaire Andrew @iamthegreatwent

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Living in southern Oregon, Burma is an Instagram celebrity. With 51,000 followers, Burma delights his fans with shots of him climbing over mountains and across iconic sights, like New York’s Central Park.

10. Loki the Wolf Dog

I really don't know what to say about this. I just hope it makes you smile.

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With 1.5m followers on Instagram, chances are you’ve heard of Loki. If you haven’t, let me introduce you to this ‘husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix’. Judging by his pictures, he’s absolutely fearless. He’s seen SUP’ing, canoeing, climbing up snowy mountains… 10/10 a very good boy.

11. Gandalf

Be still my beating heart!

Gandalf’s gorgeous, grumpy face in some of the most stunning locations around is what brings a smile to my face every single day. He’s visited 9 states and 2 countries so far, and loves nothing more than watching birds and camping.

12. Jeremy and Norm

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Jeremy is a photographer based in Seattle, and Norm is his pug. Together they have awesome trips to beaches, forests and lakes… And because of Jeremy’s job, you can be sure that every photo of Norm is captured beautifully.

13. Bolt and Keel

Giving Monday the stink eye like… #boltandkeel

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What’s better than one travelling pet? Two! Bolt and Keel are brothers who were found abandoned in a local park, and quickly taken in by their two humans. Their owners were about to head off on a two-day camping trip, so decided to take the boys along with them for some canoeing and hiking fun. They loved it so much, they’ve been doing it ever since, even adding things like sailing and kayaking to their repertoire.

14. Max and Louise

If you can’t have two cats, why not get two dogs? Max and Louise are so perfect it hurts. They were born in France, but they’re now living it up in Lisbon, and have even holidayed in Greece, Italy, Venezuela and Brazil.

15. Hamlet the Beach Hog

Cats, dogs and hedgehogs are all well enough, but how about a travelling hog? Hamlet is an ’emotional support animal’ for his owner who absolutely hates flying. As a result, he’s travelled all over the Virgin Islands. Pretty sweet life for a pig, eh?

Do you have any other travelling animals you’d add to this list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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15 Travelling Animals to Follow on Instagram