So I realise this May round-up is stupidly late, but the last week or so has been so ridiculously busy with work that I’ve barely had a chance to finish this one off! But here is it…better late than never, right? And I promise that next month’s round-up will be on time. Probably.*

*Don’t quote me on that.

I can’t fail to write about May (and the beginning of June) without mentioning the horrendous attacks that happened in Manchester and London. Both cities are incredibly close to my heart; Manchester in particular has always welcomed me with extended arms every time I’ve visited. Reading about all the innocent lives taken in these attacks just made my blood boil. These were young children having the time of their life; parents looking to keep their children safe; young people out making the most of their Saturday night. Terrorists feed off of anxiety and fear, so it’s now more important than ever that we show ’em what we’re made of.

What I’ve Been Doing In May

May has been all about the birthdays! Not only did my best mate have her birthday a few days ago (we celebrated with a trip to a local vegan event), but my boyfriend turned the big 3-0! He had a few big nights out, and we also got to visit the Hunterian Museum in London on its final day before it closes for 3 years. And, I also managed to keep his birthday treat a secret – we’re off to Tromso, Norway, next January! I chose this destination for Ian as he’s a big fan of cold countries, and he’s always said he’d like to visit somewhere in Scandinavia. Well, the average temperature in Tromso in January is around -1.5°C, so I reckon that might do the job. Plus, with the opportunity to see the northern lights, go husky sledding and go whale watching, I really hope it’ll be a 30th birthday trip for him to remember.


Image: mariusz kluzniak / Flickr

Later in the month, Ian and I headed to the Dominion Theatre to see An American in Paris. It was fine…visually spectacular and the dancing was awesome, but I wasn’t as into the storyline as I expected. Saying that, it’s got 5* reviews across the board, which makes me feel like there’s just something wrong with me… Still, it’s always a treat to go to the theatre. I don’t do it enough! Next up is Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in September – 2 shows in one day, bring it on!


My weekends have been slightly ruined by the fact my train line has been down while Crossrail work is being done. I did manage to get up for a day with my besb, Sophie from Luggage Tags and Ticket Stubs, for a wander around Southbank, Victoria and Belgravia. I’m trying to see a bit more of London than I’ve done in the past. I’m a bit of a stickler for staying around East London or popping into a Pret for a generic tea… We did, however, treat ourselves to a cake and some tea at the beautifully designed Peggy Porschen. Here’s a never-before-seen pic of halfway through our little photoshoot…when I managed to stick my finger into one of the cupcakes 🙄

Peggy Porschen Cakes

I’ve also been getting insanely into Instagram, which is a bit annoying considering now the algorithm’s gone to pot and everything just seems a little pointless. NEVERTHELESS, I’m still loving it. It’s got to be my favourite platform at the moment. If we’re not following each other yet, let’s get connecting!

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 23.53.48

What I’ve Been Watching

Girlboss – I started on this without really knowing what to expect, but was hooked within minutes. Inspired by Sophia Amoruso’s best-selling book of the same name, the show focuses on the rise of Amoruso’s fashion company, Nasty Gal. I lapped up the entire series in just days, and I absolutely loved it. My only issue was that it took me a while to warm up to the character of Sophia, but maybe that’s just because I’m a sensible knitwear-wearing tea drinker? Nevertheless, it’s a TV series that can’t fail to inspire you to become the greatest Girlboss you can be. Also, Britt Robertson is an absolute babe and I want her hair.

RuPaul Drag’s Race – Cannot. Stop. Watching. I’ve made my way onto season 7 in mere weeks which is slightly worrying if I do say so myself. It’s just so addictive! I’m obsessed with everything Bianca Del Rio and Sharon Needles right now. Definitely my top 2 favs.

Slumdog Millionaire – So it’s only taken me 8 years, but I fiiiinally got round to watching Slumdog Millionaire. It wasn’t quite what I expected (I think the reason it’s taken me so long to watch it is because I had wrongfully thought it was just another predictable rom-com), which made me love it all the more. From now on, I think I’m going to make it my mission to watch at least one classic movie a month. I’ve never seen Ghostbusters, Ghost, The Goonies and a whole lot of other movies that don’t begin with the letter ‘G’. I’d better get a move on.

What I’ve Been Loving

Did anyone else clock the 20% off at ASOS over the late May bank holiday? I got super lucky as I had £65 of vouchers to use up, so I was able to treat myself to a few much-needed summer items without spending a single penny, like this top (left) and these shorts (right).


Yeah they’re not exactly the most exciting things going but I realised the other week that everything I own is basically floral so nothing can ever be thrown together that easily. Also, this is the first time I’ve bought (and worn) denim shorts since I was 19. Am I having a very, very, very early mid-life crisis?

My New Tech

Pixter smartphone lens

Trying out my exciting new Pixter lens in London!

Throughout May I’ve also been trying out some fancy new tech, including my Pixter smartphone lens which I’m super excited to tell you all about in an upcoming post. And, while we’re on the subject of smartphones, I also *finally* got my upgrade. After umming and ahhing over whether to stick with my beloved Android or move over to Apple, I opted for the Google Pixel. It’s a little pricier than I was hoping for, but the camera is just MIND. BLOWING. My Samsung S6 camera before was so shocking, tbh, that even a potato took better photos than that.

Is anyone interested in reading a review of the Google Pixel? Let me know if it’s something that interests you at all. I’ve been having a wee play around with it and it’s all very exciting!

That’s it for May! How was your month?