A good cabin case is something that every traveller should have in their life. I’d even argue they’re even more important than hold luggage – you’re always going to need a cabin case, and they’re the perfect size for staycations as well as short European breaks abroad. It’s always worth researching the very best, as well as paying a little more for one that’s going to do you well.

I was recently sent a Constellation Universal Cabin Case to review. Constellation is such a well-known brand that you can barely walk 50ft in an airport without seeing someone pulling a piece of their luggage, so I was excited to try it out. With the lack of European breaks over the last few months, I decided to give the case a whirl on my recent trip to Cuba, using it as a handy way to keep my layover packing separate from the stuff I needed for my destination. (Read all about how to boss packing and preparing for a 24-hour layover here!)

Constellation Universal Cabin Case

So, should you add a Constellation Universal Cabin Case to your luggage arsenal? Here’s a full rundown of how it shaped up for me all the important areas.


The most important thing with cabin luggage, I’d wager, is its size. It always amazes me just how big the bags are that airlines let you take on board, so you’ll want to go for a case that uses up all that available space.

The Constellation Universal Cabin Case meets all major airline cabin restrictions, even with its expandable sides and front. I was more than impressed with what I managed to fit in (my huge DSLR camera and tech bag, as well as my iPad and a change of clothes), and that was without using the expandable sides! Would definitely come in handy for when you’re relying on just that one piece of luggage though.

To give you an indication of how spacious the cabin case is, here it is next to my huge hold suitcase. And yes, that is an entire box of Yorkshire Tea teabags in there, what of it?

Constellation Universal Cabin Case


I went for the khaki, but the Constellation Universal Cabin Case is available in 3 other colours: raspberry, navy and black. All good-looking, stylish colours that will never go out of fashion, hurrah!

Constellation Universal Cabin Case

I’m not sure where you sit on the whole hard v soft cover luggage, but I’m definitely a soft cover fan – I’m not *entirely* sure why (maybe it’s cos when I was younger my grandparents had a massive hard suitcase that felt super heavy), but the soft cover of this case suited my personal preference. It didn’t feel bulky either. In fact, I almost forgot I was pulling it around half the time in the airport because it was so light! The outside pocket was also a handy feature for stuffing important things into we wanted easy access to.

There are handles on the top and the side, plus a push button retractable handle. At its full length, this handle was ideal for my height – my only gripe was that it became more and more difficult as I used it in order to extend it to its full length, no matter how hard I tried to yank it open.


With a RRP of £69.99, the Constellation Universal Cabin Case isn’t exactly cheap, but in return you get a compact, solid suitcase that gives you peace of mind knowing it’s suitable for cabin use. I do think the price is a little high for any cabin case, though… But heads up, because it’s currently £39 on Amazon, which is a much more affordable price!


Whenever I’m sent stuff to review, I always ask myself: Would I use this again? Well, over the last few weeks I’ve relied on it repeatedly in order to ferry things up to London for my move. I’m also already intending to take it to Tromso and Lanzarote next month, which are both cabin luggage-only trips! It’s lightweight, sturdy, and surprisingly spacious, all of which are invaluable features for a piece of luggage.

Disclaimer: I was sent this Constellation Universal Cabin Case to review, but all opinions and thoughts are my own!