It’s my birthday today. And while I’m a little bit annoyed about sharing it with the worst day of the week, at least I’ve managed to get a day off work to do fun things like get a demonstration of our new hoover from my boyfriend, and maybe – MAYBE – cleaning the kitchen from head to toe. Jealous much? 😂

For today’s post I’m getting personal again – this time by sharing 11 things that I’ve come to accept about myself over the last 27 years. That’s a new thing every 2.45 years, which is pretty good going for someone who hates admitting things…

  1. I’m living a lie

I’ve realised that no amount of convincing myself I need to ’embrace my youth’ is going to disguise the fact I’m actually a 90-year-old woman in a (now) 27-year-old’s woman body. And I’m massively OK with that. Staying in > going out. Knitwear > freezing my backside off. Complaining about the temperature in the flat > actually doing anything about it. Every. Single. Time.

2. This hairstyle is for life.

Sorry everyone who’s suggested I should try another look. This fringe has been with me since day 1, so not sure it’s going anywhere for a long, long time. When I’m old with a white cauliflower hair-do, I’ll probably just clip on a brunette fringe.


Plot twist: Maybe the fringe is the source of all my power?

3. I’m very weird with where I put my money.

Like, I have no problem spending £60+ on a nice blanket, but a £9 haircut is more than enough, thankyouverymuch.

4. As much as it pains me to admit it, I’m a pretty terrible person to live with.

Well, I’m absolutely AMAZING if you’re a cat, you’ll get more food than you know what to do with. Otherwise I’m just a bit of a lazy sod who gets random bouts of energy to tidy up once a month, and that’s about it. (But I do have a GREAT knitwear collection, so there is that.)

5. I’m prone to getting overwhelmed very easily.

Maybe it’s because I’m an only child who grew up learning from the books of Mumma Ray about how sensational a weekend of doing nothing apart from making a blanket fort and eating chocolate is. Maybe there’s a lot more to it than that. Either way, I’m very good at agreeing to things, and then even better at freaking out when I realise I actually *have* to do it, and ohmygod why is everything in one week?

6. Above all this, I’m one resilient little possum when it’s needed.

I’ve had some real sh*t moments in my 27 years of life (mainly in the last 9 years), but when push comes to shove I’m able to rise up and get sh*t done. Even when I didn’t think it ever possible. So yeah, maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad for my laziness. Maybe I’m just building myself up for when life decides to take another great big swipe at me?!

7. Animals > Babies.

Obviously there’s the odd small child I love dearly, but if you have a baby and a puppy at the same time I will just steer every conversation towards the dog. I’M SO SORRY.

I actually chased someone down at London Bridge to ask if I could take a photo of this dog because JUST LOOK AT IT <3

I actually chased someone down at London Bridge to ask if I could take a photo of this dog because JUST LOOK AT IT <3

8. I’m a natural moaner.

Argh, I do hate this about myself, but it’s true. I can complain for England. Honestly, if there’s a competition for that I want to know because I will enter and win. I’ll moan about anything and everything, and half the time I can’t even work out if I’m being serious or not…

9. I want a big family.

This is a big one, because when I was younger I could never really see myself as a parent, or as a girlfriend, or as anything other than a little nerdy child sat in the corner reading a book. And maybe it’s still not on the cards for me, and I run the risk of looking like a fool. Whatever. But especially over the last few years, I’ve realised that the love of a family is more important than anything. I’d absolutely love to have a family full of kids, cats and sausage dogs.

10. I’m always going to be an anxious bundle of nerves.

Again, another one that I hate to admit, but which I think is important I do. Being diagnosed with anxiety at the age of 18 was a real life-defining moment for me. At first I was determined to ‘get rid’ of it for good, until a counsellor told me that I’ll most likely have a degree of anxiety all my life. And that was yet another life-defining moment. Because as soon as I accepted that anxiety was part of me, I stopped beating myself up about things. By accepting it as part of my personality, I was able to find coping mechanisms, know when to roll my eyes at myself, and challenge myself to live life without letting anxiety hold me back. (Also, medication always helps.)

11. I’m the most forgetful person ever.

Left my passport on the plane? Tick. Left my passport in a hotel while checking in? Tick. Forgotten where I put my phone/glasses/driver’s license? Yeah, all the ticks. I do try though, I promise… Ask me in another 27 years and I hope I’ll be able to say I’ve gotten better at this one. If I can remember, that is.

What’s something you’ve come to accept about yourself over the years? Funny or serious!

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