Last Friday night, I treated Jim and Ralph to a Date Night.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – firstly, why are you dating two guys? Wait, are you cheating on Ian?!

Exhale that deep breath of shock right now. Because no, I wasn’t dating two guys at the same time. Rather, it was my two ginger cats I was treating.

When I was asked by the folks at Whiskas to organise a night in with them, I couldn’t resist. I knew I had a 4-day trip to Lisbon booked, so I set up our little ‘Date Night’ for the night after we returned. As much as I love going away, being away from my boys is always the hardest thing, so it was a good excuse for me to rid myself of any cat mum guilt…

As soon as we got home from our trip, I could tell the boys were missing me (as evidenced by the fact Jim wouldn’t stop following me around the flat for the entire evening). Conveniently, Ian was away for the weekend too, so it gave me a proper evening to give the boys some well-needed love and attention (read: food and cuddles).

The Location

I was pushing for a 5* restaurant, but the boys are more ‘stay at home on the sofa and nap’ kinda guys, so home it was. I had to push the boat out a little bit for them though, so upgraded their usual eating area to a spot in the sitting room next to me, complete with colourful table mat (picked up during my last trip to LA), little love heart bowls and a flower. For once, Ralph didn’t try to eat the flower either, so we were off to a good start.

What They Ate

To begin with, the boys tucked into some Whiskas cat casseroles in a selection of chicken, poultry and turkey flavours. I’ve never seen cleaner bowls than when they had finished eating!


I liked to think they appreciated my little date set-up. Let’s face it, they were probably more interested in the contents of their bowls than the fact I lovingly went out into our (wet and cold) garden to hand-pick a pretty flower for them…

And yes, our cats do drink from a Harry Potter glass. Ian likes to take a glass of water to bed with him, but whenever he used that glass the cats would nick it for themselves.

eating agan Eating

All was going well until the inevitable happened and Ralph booted out Jim so that he could get his share of the food.


What I Ate

I’ll immediately precede this section by saying that if my mum could see me now, talking about how to make a meal, she would be laughing her head off.

Delia Smith, I am not.

I am, however, a lover of comfort food and easy recipes. After eating my weight in cheese in Lisbon, I was keen to ensure I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms, so set my eyes on making a delicious cauliflower cheese.

I’m sure everyone reading this is much more of an accomplished chef than I am, so I won’t embarrass myself by doing a step-by-step guide to what’s possibly the simplest recipe ever. Needless to say, this is what it looked like when it was finished and I was SO HERE for the amount of cheesy goodness.

cauliflowercheese botheating

And Date Night isn’t complete without a glass of wine… I love this wine glass my old neighbours bought me for Christmas – and it was so apt for our evening in!


What We Did

I don’t know whether it was my company or the fact they were tuckered out from their hearty casserole meal, but immediately after eating Ralph flew outside, while Jim curled up on the chair for 40 winks. Charming.


Keen to make the most of my night in, I plonked myself down in front of Netflix to finish the latest season of Orange Is The New Black under a blanket with some tea. As much as I would have LOVED the boys to have stepped up and done the dishes, they made a valid point (they’re cats), so I saw to that before slipping into bed.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before both of the boys came to join me for some nighttime cuddles (one of the very few advantages of Ian being away for the night – they can both fit on the bed next to me). Cat mum guilt: relieved. For now, at least.

This blog post is in conjunction with WHISKAS® but all thoughts and ginger cat love are my own!

How do you make it up to your pets when you go away?